Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

it's finally finished

Yes!  And it only took about 6 weeks, but I finally finished the 1000 piece puzzle I started just after the new year rang in.  I put a big push on to complete it and worked until 12:30 am on Sunday night (Monday morning) then spent about 4 hours yesterday finishing it.

Placing the last piece at 4:30 in the afternoon.
And here it is.....

It is now back in its box and I may pass it along to someone who would enjoy putting it together, hopefully faster than I did.

I started a new puzzle too.

It looks pretty simple and I love the photo. didn't take very long to do either.  :)

Twelve pieces.  :)  Perfect!  This puzzle was one my Mum bought years ago and comes in a box the size of a matchbox.

Isn't it cute?
I think I'm done with doing puzzles for a while.


We woke this morning to a fresh snowfall of about 8 cm. topped by freezing rain.  Schools are closed again today, as they were last Tuesday, due to poor driving conditions.  The temperature is supposed to rise to 7C with a lot of rain coming later today.  I just checked The Weather Network and it says it's "freezing fog" at the moment.  I've never heard of that term before have you?  


I am now going to bake some whipped shortbread cookies as I have friends coming for tea on Thursday afternoon.  Enjoy your day and I hope you all have a great week ahead.  Thanks for stopping by.



  1. What joy! Lovely way to spend some time for your soul... So concentrated and finishing with a personal reward! Great way of being in a special level of attention!
    best regards!

  2. YEAH ! all done ! looks great , My cousin used to do the 3D puzzles I don't have the patients for them lol ! We were to be getting freezing rain but it bypassed us thank goodness , a bit of snow falling here and it is mild and to become more mild as the week goes on here to . Melt, snow , melt, snow , rain , snow , melt that's our winter so far lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. Congrats on completing your puzzle!! We always have a card table set up over Christmas with a Christmas themed puzzle scattered out for anyone who wants to chit chat and put the puzzle together!!
    What a perfect winter's day project!!!!

  4. YEAH! Congratulations on finishing such a difficult puzzle! There is a joy that comes with that last piece that is pretty amazing! And yes, we do get freezing fog here quite often. It is when the warmer air and cold air mix and create fog, and then that fog freezes, and it can be absolutely glorious, with every living thing covered in shimmering ice. Get your camera ready :) Sounds like you have a lovely day coming up Thursday, and those whipped shortbread cookies sound amazing. Have a blessed day! :)

  5. Well done Pam, that was a hard one, all that white!
    It's a good pastime for long winter days!
    Keep warm!

  6. Congrats on the puzzle finish! I bet it felt good to put that last piece in place. It's a rather nasty day out there today, stay safe and warm!

  7. I hear you about puzzles. I've concluded that, at my age, I'm not much of a puzzle person. Your 12 piece puzzle is about my speed and it is cute! I am sending you a photo to say that great minds think alike. Ha!

  8. I love doing jigsaws, but never has a place to do them. Your 1000 piece puzzle is a nice one, but I'll bet you're glad to be finished. The other puzzle made me laugh ... so cute! We're getting a lot of snow today too, first decent snowfall all winter. It's been snowing steadily all day, but those deceiving tiny flakes that you wouldn't think would do anything, but when you step out the door, the snow is up to your boot tops. I'm waiting for it to stop before I clear the drive with the snowblower. Hoping the husband arrives home and HE can clear it instead. I'm a bit worn out from tobogganing this morning ;)

  9. My Mother always had a puzzle on a card table in the winters to work on. I wonder if it wasn't a more popular hobby when people didn't have all of the electronics to entertain themselves with. Hurrah for you though for finishing yours! I bet you treasure that sweet puzzle of your Mom's!
    I do hate to see that ice coating on your deck railing. I hope your roads aren't covered with it. We just keep getting a little snow every day here.
    Take care-Kim

  10. Congratulations! You are more persistent and patient than I would be. (I think I told you that I got rid of mine - it was causing me headaches!) A pretty day here, but chilly and breezy - it snowed over the weekend.

  11. After all that work it's already back in the box??! I think I would have left it out for at least a month to get prolonged satisfaction after all that work. :-) It's beautiful. And I'm so glad you didn't get to the end and find that one piece was missing!

  12. Well done!

    When I've done the odd one, there's a kind of glue you can pour over it that seeps into the back and keeps the whole thing pasted onto a poster board.

  13. Congratulations on finishing your puzzle! 1,000 pieces is an accomplishment!

  14. I love those little matchbox puzzles. Congrats on finishing your large puzzle. Those 1000 piece puzzles take a lot of work and patience. We have seen our last snow for the next little while. It will be in the 60s this weekend. That will feel like heaven. xo Laura

  15. You guys have had some major weather there of late. I think shortbread cookies sounds just perfect for a winter's day. I love the puzzle. I would love to do one myself sometime. Carol

  16. Whew! That was a marathon of a puzzle - the first one, not the second! Congratulations on completing it.
    Whipped shortbread on an icy day sounds wonderful. Did you sample some before putting them away for your guests?

  17. WOW! I love that little one, Pam, although, I must admit, your accomplishment with the first one is AWESOME! I got a second one too but it is still in the box. I may save it for next Winter. After, Spring should be here soon...I hope!...:)JP

  18. We had a forecast of freeIng fog this morning too! There was no fog though, so I still don't know what it means. Love the matchbox puzzle.

  19. I love the idea of a puzzle - it is all about the journey, not the destination.

  20. That's quite an accomplishment! It looks like a Thomas KinKade painting - beautiful image. The matchbox puzzle is adorable. I haven't done a puzzle since my youngest son left home. We loved to do those big puzzles together. We've had freezing fog here once or twice. It is a strange phenomenon. Hope you have a nice visit with your friends. The cookies sound delicious! xx Karen

  21. You may see my puzzle on my blog.. I've been working on it since Super Bowl Sunday, and it's really difficult. I'd love a try at this one. Lots of color.

  22. Fresh new snow, a completed puzzle (quite an accomplishment!) and shortbread in the oven--sounds like a wonderful day!

  23. Both puzzles are really lovely aren't they, the tiny one is definitely a treasure isn't it!! I hope that the weather warms up for you, it is really cold here at the moment - although I don't suppose it is as cold as your weather. We have freezing fog sometimes, but I am never quite sure what it means. We have also had "snow grains" and I am not sure what they are either! They definitely aren't snowflakes though! xx

  24. Well done Pam on finishing the puzzle. Mine is still sitting here, edges sorted and ready to do. I just seem to find all sorts of other things to do. We had lots of snow yesterday, 22.4 cm which broke a record for our area. It's lovely and sunny today and temperatures are rising above 0 Celsius. Crazy weather.

  25. Never seen a jigsaw puzzle that would fit in a matchbox. It is so cute!
    And the large puzzle is beautiful!

  26. Good job! I can't believe you took it apart immediately and put it back in the box...after working at it for six weeks. I would be admiring it for awhile first! I like your wee matchbox puzzle as well!

  27. I haven't worked on a puzzle for years but I remember my mother often had one on the go and I'd try to add a piece when walking by.
    The matchbox puzzle is sweet.

  28. Loved the puzzle . . .
    Seeing it finished, even more so.
    The Match Book puzzle . . .
    What fun . . . a keeper treasure for sure!
    I empathize . . . I meet up with. 92 year old friend each Monday afternoon and
    we have been working on a puzzle for a few weeks . . .
    A hard puzzle it is . . . Teeny Tiny pieces and many pieces seeming the same.
    Tricky . . . almost finished . . .
    A great winter activity . . ., (if a good book isn't nearby!)
    I hope you enjoyed your tea and shortbread . . .

  29. Well done! Looks quite complicated...

  30. Congratulations! How nice that you finished the puzzle and have a photo to prove it!

  31. Kudos for completing your 1000 piece puzzle, Pam! It's very pretty! I just bought one for my daughter for Valentine's Day. It's a picture of the lovely Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and I can't wait to start it with her. Once done, I plan to frame it and decorate a long, empty wall with its bright and beautiful colours!

    Have a wonderful week!


  32. What a beautiful puzzle that was ! You don't want to frame it ? It would be beautiful to put it out at Christmas !
    And that teeny one - how adorable is that ???


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