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Saturday, February 20, 2016

this and that from the past week

The deer on their morning commute over the ice and snow on Tuesday morning.

Hi everyone!  Another week has passed by all too quickly as we inch ever closer to the end of February.  
It was a good week with snow, freezing rain, pouring rain and high winds, sunshine and spring-like temperatures.  It has felt more like March weather than mid-February so we will have to deal with it for many more weeks I'm afraid.

The deer on Wednesday morning with most of the snow gone.

Most of our snow melted away from the rains and we had 3 mild and sunny days in a row after Tuesday's nasty weather.  

The deer have been on the move and there are about 25-30 in our area lately.

This was on Thursday morning.  Very little snow.

I had a tea party for two of my very good friends on Thursday afternoon and we had a great time catching up over tea, muffins and cookies.

I took this photo this morning when it was snowing a bit.  There were about 15 deer that must have spent the night in the field just behind us as some were still laying down when we got up at 7:00.  You can see how close they are to our backyard where the small trees are.  I really don't want them sleeping in the backyard so this was pretty close!

  This is a good thing.  :)  The morning sunrise is shining right into our living room now and I have to keep the blind closed more.  

On Friday morning Murray asked me what I wanted to do that day. (He has Fridays off, for the most part.  Sometimes he ends up working from home.)  I thought maybe we'd go into the city and run errands but he asked if I'd like to go to Moncton for the day.  Well, you don't need to ask me twice about that!  I wanted to meet up with my sister-in-law and have a look for good warm boots and a jacket for snowmobiling.  Well, we got to meet my SIL but the boots and jacket were not found, although he found a pair of boots.  But, we had a great time just looking around and driving around my old home town and seeing what's new.  Oh my, the changes in 6 months is incredible.  

These two new stores opened in the past 6 months....you might recognize them.  They are in the two big shopping areas in Moncton and Dieppe.  I don't know how they'll compete in the market place and with our Canadian dollar so low I wonder how they will stay open.  We didn't buy anything as we aren't really sports enthusiasts (hunting and fishing) plus we found their prices were quite high.  Or maybe we're just too cheap!  :)


Bass Pro Shops

I love how they decorate the store entries with the rustic lodge theme.  The Bass Pro Shop has a very Maritime theme to it as well with a replica of the Hopewell Rocks and even a fishing boat up in the air as in the photos below.

So that was my week.  Our son called this morning and invited us out to dinner with him and his wife.  How sweet is that!?  We are going to the Moco Kitchen in Mactaquac Park which is only 10 minutes away.  It is a very nice restaurant and we tried to get reservations for Valentine's weekend but they were booked.  Why do we always leave that to the last minute anyway.  This is a nice surprise for us and I know we'll have a great time that will make up for not getting out last weekend.  :)

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and that you have a wonderful week ahead.  Thanks for visiting.



  1. Always nice visiting you and your blog...interesting post and lovely pictures!
    Warm hug from Titti

  2. You have had quite the variety of weather this week. Our 7-8 deer that visit us once or twice a day are getting too friendly. When I go out to shoo them away they just look at me and let me get quite close. Hope your have a nice dinner tonight.

  3. Loved the photo shots of the deer . They are very near to your boundary, do they do much damage to your hedges and trees . You must have to have good safe fencing to keep them out. How nice of your son to invite you to join him and his wife for a restaurant meal. During the winter we tend to eat out at lunch time, as the French seem to eat their main meal at mid-day, we get much better value, for a full menu including a carafe of wine.

  4. Lovely snow photos, I wish it would do that over here! The shops looks amazing, what fantastic entrances. Enjoy your meal out and have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. The deer are quite a welcome sight.

  6. The first shot of the deer is haunting. Just beautiful.
    I see that Moncton has hit the big time as far as hunting and fishing go! I wonder, too, how those big stores will survive in our smaller market. Not my cup of tea at all, but a nice place for The Great Dane to wander while I shop somewhere else!

  7. Lovely photos ! It is 13C here now and the sun has been shining all day not a cloud in the sky and just the odd patch of snow is left now . We have more deer then the two I took Papa said every morning at 5am on his way out to work he sees at least 30 crossing the road by out house and through the field I am just not up that early lol but this morning was just by luck for me as the two deer were just on the yard across the road from us . As for my cold much better now thanks almost back to normal , I haven't had a cold in years though so I guess it was time to get one lol ! Thanks for popping by my blog and thanks for sharing , Have a good supper out with your family and have a good weekend !

  8. When Papa and I did a lot of camping we shopped at Bass Pro Shop for all our gear it is an amazing place , we have had a few over here in Ontario for about 15 years now !

  9. It's 68 here today Pamela. This weather here is a roller coaster. Going to be cold again later in the week. I think Spring is going to arrive early as the groundhog predicted. I am ready for it. Have a wonderful dinner. Looks like you had a great day shopping. Carol

  10. I love to see the deer 'on the move,' and I also love glowing sunrise shadows! Have a nice weekend, Pam.

  11. Those shops are so different, and your weather looks ok not to cold.

  12. I'd rather have deer to watch out the window than the turkey vultures constantly circling overhead. We had a Cabela's open last year and although it doesn't call to me, the grandson who hunts and fishes likes it.
    Have a nice dinner out and stay warm.

  13. Wonderful to have deer to watch out your window. We haven't seen ours out in the field for awhile. I'm sure you gad a fantastic dinner out with your family.

  14. You had a nice week....
    Bet you had fun with your son and DIL...
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  15. Love the deer herd! Beautiful photos! We have a brand new Cabela's opening here next month.

  16. A Bass opened near us and I haven't made it yet. Gotta go

  17. Sounds like a wonderful day away . . .
    Cabela's and Bass Pro are fun shops to visit!
    And look and see . . .
    Coins are needed, I agree . . .
    I find, if the fit is right, BOGS are great boots.

  18. Another busy week for you. Your weather has been quite changeable. Like you, I enjoy seeing the deer but would rather they stayed out of my yard (and gardens in the summer).

  19. Your photos of the deer are lovely! I'd rather "hunt" them with a camera than with a rifle. We have a deer family around at the moment, and they often come into my front garden. I can tell from the prints in the wet soil and bits on the poppies - they always do that when the poppies are young and fresh, but then they eventually stop eating them. They aren't suppose to eat them anyway...

  20. Lovely shots of the deer and I like the sunlight on the wall.

  21. We have those stores too - funny how the decor is so alike, must cost a small fortune to set up too!
    We of course aren't into any kind of hunting/fishing so don't visit those places - do like REI though. Often find good buys on casual outdoor clothing - and of course things for safaris and expedition travel - although I have no plans to be doing anymore of that type of expensive travel in the future. Would love to of course, but doubt it will happen unless I'm a guest again!!!

    Lovely scenes from your back deck Pam - we've still yet to get a real snowfall this winter!
    Hugs - Mary

  22. Oh a day out with the hubs is always a fun time for me. It must be neat to see the deer and I hope they stay away from your little trees! I wouldn't think Cabela's and Bass Pro would survive in the same area, but I do enjoy shopping both. Have a great day!

  23. Oh my gosh Pamela - that's a store?
    I'd be hanging out there as often as I could LOL !
    I don't think we have anything like it here in Montreal ( maybe elsewhere in the province? )

  24. we always enjoy your trip to Cabela's (& Bass Pro too) ... i have a winter jacket from them, which was a gift from my parents over 5 or 7 yrs ago. i love it and wear it all the time. i love the late day shots, the sun give a lovely household glow. hope you are well. i have a tea ?, mom & i were drinking some today, do you drink your tea with milk? ( :

  25. What a sight to be seeing so many deer on the hill...they are so beautiful. I agree with you about those stores. Bass Pro is my Adam's favorite store to browse about in...we have been to several of them. I don't care to buy anything much (can't afford it either) but there is so much to see...almost like a museum!

  26. The deer are beautiful, but I can understand why you don't want them in the yard, especially if you have roses :) Those sports shops are worlds unto themselves! So nice to get invited out for dinner by your son. Have fun! xx K

  27. I'll have to tell Roger about those stores! I don't know if he'd buy anything but we would enjoy walking around them!

    Our snow is gone as well - such a change from last year.

    I love the late afternoon sun - it's changing every day. So lovely to have it still light after 6.

    Hope you're having a good week Pamela!

  28. Wow! That's a lot of deer! It's been a while since we had a group that large in the fields by our house.


  29. You had a great week, my friend.. Love seeing the deer ... Spring is surely early this year.. I hope, anyway.. My husband, sons and grandsons love those stores and they do have great sales or so they tell me.. smile.. xoo

  30. Gosh, that is a LOT of deer an, no, I wouldn't want them sleeping in my back yard, either...
    it's always so nice to spend time with our kids...glad you had a good time.

  31. Yes, we think both of those stores are high priced too. We shop there when things are on clearance and we have coupons only! Your view of the hillside and deer varied as much as ours did recently!..:)JP

  32. We like to gawk in such stores. I should make a shopping trip to Canada with your dollar down iand mine up. We certainly don't like losing our Canadian tourists to the money manipulations. Hope that there is a balance in there somewhere. Hope that you have a pleasant supper out with your son and daughter-in-law.

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