Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

this and that from the past couple of weeks plus Easter

Hello everyone!  We have now had a full week of spring and we're on to week two.  You wouldn't know it was spring to look outside this Tuesday morning.  Yikes!  It poured rain last night and we thought we'd wake up to no snow but we woke up to fresh snow instead.  And it's windy and snowing this morning. Brr.

 Sunday March 20, the first day of spring, was sunny and clear.  I took these photos on the way to church at about 4:00.  With daylight saving time it was so nice and bright out.

Along the St. John River.  You can see ice pans in the river here but it was pretty well ice free.  There were hundreds of Canada geese along the river.

Can you see the geese?

A week ago (Monday) we had a snowstorm that dropped 21cm. of snow on us.  It was pretty but it is spring now and we really don't want any snow (or freezing rain and ice pellets) anymore.  We want sunshine and some warm southwesterly breezes.  They will come in due time I guess and we'll have to put up with this unseasonable weather a bit longer.

The bird feeders have been quite busy with lots of visitors.  Above is a purple finch and some goldfinches.  

You can see how hard it was snowing.  Mr. Crow loves to clean up the seeds on the ground under the feeder.

Wednesday afternoon I went for a short walk and found the drainage ditch open.  It was a gorgeous day with temperatures above freezing and my friends and I went to a sugarbush pancake house for brunch.  I'll be sharing photos from that trip later in the week.

Sunrise on Thursday, March 24, before the ice storm.

I already shared about our ice storm that we got on Good Friday.  It did melt off the trees on Saturday and we had two beautiful weekend days with sun and mild temperatures (4C).  The sun sure feels good and makes it seem warmer than it really is.

The moon setting on Saturday morning.  You can almost see the ice coating the field and trees.

Our Hemlock tree with ice. 

Easter Sunday morning's sunrise was obscured by fog which lifted later in the morning and was a beautiful sunny day.

Easter tulips

We had our Easter dinner on Monday at suppertime.  Mark and Jenn came up and we even had an egg hunt.  So much fun!

Here they are trying for the same egg.

There you have it.  Two weeks worth of pictures in one post.  
We had a very nice Easter weekend with our church services and music, which were all so amazing.  It was tiring though so Monday was a rest day.....well, I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning and getting our dinner ready and Murray puttered outside.  
I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  I'm sure some of you had sunshine, warmth and trees blooming.  I might be a bit jealous but I know it will come here in another month.....or so.  

I'll be back with my visit to the sugar bush soon.

Have a wonderful week my friends.



  1. The wind is howling here this morning. It sounds cold and looks cold. I really feel as if I need to have some sun and warmth soon...I need to sit in the sun for a bit and feel it on my skin. Well, I might have to show my grands that everyone can have fun looking for eggs! Maybe the adults need to join in.

  2. Wow! Winter is still upon you ~ Lovely wintry shots, sky shot is dramatic ~ spring tulips delightful and happy family ~

    Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^

  3. Just loved your pictures of the days in your week. You take such beautiful pictures, just love them all! It is still "springter" weather here, not quite spring, and not quite winter. The days will come though... we wait for them with great anticipation :) Have a lovely day!

  4. Lovely photos , lovely reflections on the river. however I couldn't find the geese, Your tulips look very pretty in several separate jars. I think it's still cold here in France, but seeing that fresh snowfall in Spring has made me feel grateful. I hope some warmer weather is coming your way soon.

  5. I am so jealous of the variety of finches you draw. I have to get one of those feeders. Maybe the birds would get as much seed as the squirrels that way. Cheers

  6. I've never seen so many variety of birds at a feeder at the same time-so beautiful! And your Easter table was so lovely, Pamela.
    The weather has sure been fickle there in NB. We have had consistently cold and sunny weather here. Today was one of our rare days above freezing.

  7. This sure has been some weather, huh? I keep forgetting it's still March though...anything can happen in March! Love those pretty pink tulips in the Mason jars!!

  8. Beautiful landscapes! It's not looking very "springy" yet, though. ;-) I love the shot of the crow - that's a great photo with the tree and snow!

  9. Hi Pam....I sure hope you get some warmth.....soon!
    I think we are very cold next week....Geesh !
    Not bad today....sunny and windy...
    Love your bird captures...I have yet to get one "in flight"....
    Have a great week...
    Linda :o)

  10. We had a long summer and you had a long winter but it's cooling off here so it should be warming up there, so much snow.

  11. The birds are happy to be fed. We had the snow on last week Thursday, with a topping of freezing rain in the night. Saturday and Sunday were pleasant and sunny, while Easter Monday was rainy. Today it's been sunny but below freezing.

  12. I hope spring arrives for you soon and all that snow goes away for good . Lovely photos . Glad you had a good Easter , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  13. A bit jealous??? I just can't understand !! LOL..
    Luv ya...

  14. Spring in Canada does tend to come and go in fits and starts, doesn't it!

  15. We had the same snowstorm, Pam and now the big melt is on. I am very thankful my house has a sump pump as it has been turning on frequently as the water runs down the hill behind us. Spring still seems far away. It looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

  16. Well, it may not be springtime weather there, but your photos are gorgeous, as always, Pam! I just love those beautiful, wide open spaces you have there and the lovely sunsets and sunrises, even in the fog. I suppose that waiting so long for spring must make it very special when it does arrive, though. Your Easter table looks lovely and glad to hear you had a wonderful day. Hope your week is wonderful, too, with some warm sunshine. Hugs xo Karen

  17. Wonderful photos Pam showing the changes in the weather. I really like the bird feeder you have and the birds really like it too. Hopefully the spring weather will appear and stick around soon. I think I'm going to give up on the weather forecast and take it day by day :)

  18. The "two weeks worth" was WORTH it . . .
    Always wonderful photos, things to see . . .
    Wishing you some noice, snow springtime!

  19. Wishing you a no more ice, snow springtime . . .

  20. Your table looks so pretty and I love the pretty tulips in jars in the box! Hope your snowy days end soon and you have a nice spring!

  21. I love your dashboard. I need a change this weather has been up and down here also. Yesterday was a fantastic sunny day I loved it and started walking outside again, now today is windy and rainy. I have the same bird feeder, only Mr. F put it up so high he is the only one who can fill it. Your tulips are lovely, Happy days ahead for Spring

  22. As I sit here early Friday morning it's a grey day outside but still warm.
    I would love to have spent Easter at your house Pam - it looks beautiful.
    I'm currently studying the pros and cons of DSLR cameras as I'm about to purchase my first one.
    Your photos are wonderful, especially the crow in the tree, the birds at the feeder and your sunrise.
    The snow captures are great too! I would love to spend a little time in a real winter climate with snow on the ground as you have here. I've only seen it a few times when we've been on the mountains here! You probably think I'm mad!
    If you have a minute I would love to hear your camera preferences and why. My main objective is the ability to take photos of birds/animals in the distance and close ups of flowers and creepy crawlies!
    Thanks Pam

  23. Pretty table and your tulip arrangement is lovely. And a great barn in the first picture. I wonder if I've seen that before on your blog. It's such a striking bright red! Cheerful for sure. Hope spring arrives there soon!

  24. Lovely photos. I can't believe you're still knee deep in winter, we've moved on :-)


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