Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, March 21, 2016

welcome spring

SPRING ~ the season is finally here.

But.....the weather didn't get the memo.

We are having a good old spring nor'easter here today covering our world in white.  Schools are closed in the southern half of the province which should be the last storm day of this year.  We could get about 15 cm. of snow by the time it is passed by this evening.  However, looking at the long range forecast, I see another storm possible for Good Friday.  Oh well, it is spring and it won't last.

A friend who loves to build and refinish old furniture made this wood box for me.  I love it and the soft blue paint is perfect.  I will have a lot of fun decorating it for different occasions.  The tulips are on their way out but made the photo op yesterday afternoon along with the daffodils I purchased in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  I have a collection of old cream bottles and a great old Safety Seal jar lined up in the box for now.


A week ago last Saturday our son brought his mini-excavator up to move our old small shed to his home just down the road.  He and Murray edged it on to the trailer and our view is different now.

The old small shed and the new much larger one that was built last November.  We have a lot of work to clean up that corner getting rid of the old fence, and the shed needs to have vinyl siding put on it this spring.  We are planning to put new siding on the house too and perhaps some other major renovations to the house.  The old trees will be cut down as well as they are a hazard.  We worry about them falling on our house, garage or shed.

It was interesting to watch Mark work alongside his dad.  He really knows how to handle that excavator.

Nudging the shed onto the trailer.

And....our new view.  Murray's man cave.  :)  I must say I like the new shed (which has large double doors on the upper end) but it does block 'my' view of the hill and some sunlight later in the day.  We'll see how much sun doesn't shine on the deck this summer.  I love sun!


At sunset one night last week there was a curious cloud formation.  
Note - there is hardly any snow!

How many hearts to you see?  How much snow do you see?  


So, while I will enjoy the Spring look inside.....

I'll be dreaming of warm sunny summer days to come on our deck and pergola.

I hope you have a wonderful week leading up to Easter weekend.  It will be a busy one for us as we participate in the music program at our church.  

Thank you for visiting.  I hope to post again before Friday.  




  1. Oh darn that snow....still so cold! The beautiful spring flowers are just what you needed to bring some warmth into the home...just lovely photos!!!! Have a great week Pamela!

  2. sorry for your confused calendar. Love your twilight shots.

  3. Snow here too! I love the way you display the tulips- so lovely!

  4. That is a lovely wooden box made for you by a friend, very talented. Good job on moving the little shed goes to your son and husband. Love the new sHEd will you be getting a SHEd?

  5. Well, at least the snow won't last long. Spring won't be held back much longer. Your wooden box is very pretty and versatile. You've got a lot planned for house projects this summer. It never seems to end, does it? Tim replaced our ensuite shower this past weekend and I'm painting it today. Blogging while letting the paint dry!

  6. Love the creative spring time shots ~ New England got snow this morning also ~ now the sun is out ~ soon Spring! Beautiful photography ~ All of them!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. Funny spring, what's all that white stuff.

  8. The first cloud formation looks at first like mountains!

    What beautiful weather. We didn't get that, but it's been consistently sunny with cool temperatures, which stopped the thawing that was going on.

  9. I hope that the spring weather comes soon to match your lovely spring décor! Your home looks very pretty. Sad to see your cute shed going, but how great that it has a new home and I am sure that you will enjoy the new one. xx

  10. Oh goodness! Estelle's is another blog I need to fetch. This losing blogs has been for the birds. I love this cheery spring post. One would hardly know that it was a snowy day. Our snow is almost melted. John was just bemoaning the fact that he swept the driveway for nothing. Oh I love your sweet little shed. Are you sure that it's not your cave? Wouldn't it look darling with a window box? And I must also confess that I snagged a photo for my decorating ideas folder at Pinterest. Your friend made you a lovely gift.

  11. Gorgeous photos! Too bad about the snow, but like you said it shouldn't last long.

  12. You have the right idea by coaxing spring along indoors. Sooner or later the outdoor weather will get the message. Hopefully sooner than later.
    Your friend gave you a lovely gift and you did such a nice job in making it come to life for the spring season. How fun it will be to change it up.
    Happy Spring to you too.

  13. Your photos are gorgeous!
    I wonder if your snow is the same system that we are getting on Thurs.

    My daughter and I found 3 hearts. Is there more?

    Happy Spring!

  14. Love your blue box and flowers.. Today does not feel very springlike for sure but soon..
    Happy Easter to you, too, my friend.. xo

  15. Oh my . . , you got a "dump "didn't you!
    (Really is pretty though!)
    Love that long, pale blue box.
    I could dream up many things to put in there . . .
    Love your new shed . . . man cave.
    It makes your previous she'd look teeny tiny!
    Happy Easter Pam . . . enjoy your musical alleluia day . . .

  16. I wish there was an edit button in our comment boxes . . .
    shed . . . instead of she'd

  17. Lovely said:"the weather didn't get the memo"... *-* and funny... Spring arrived with some snowflakes in 19! Next day, it was sunny and no sign of snow or cold weather. It's a moody weather!..
    The scenes are gorgeous and, also, the blooms; and the clouds, stunning..
    Bets regards and a good week to you!

  18. Soon - spring will come soon!
    That is a very interesting photo of the cloud formation. When I first saw it I thought I was looking at a photo of a mountain range. Very strange indeed!

  19. Hope so much you don't get even more snow come Fri. Pamela - you already have more than your share.
    Murray's new shed is looking good - know he will enjoy it, and hopefully you can have at least a corner of your own to play in!

    Love the pix in this post, especially the clouds and trees.
    Have a wonderful time making music for Easter.
    Hugs - Mary

  20. Oh what a pretty blue box! Too bad about the weather and snow. Hope it is gone by now and you have warm weather . What a wonderful posting full of interesting things. I like the new shed and the sunset photos are lovely.

  21. Lovely photos ! Hey Papa has a man cave work shop to but it doesn't block any sun for us hope Murry's doesn't for you . Oh my that snow needs to go away for good there , hope spring shows up soon for you there . I do live your table box decor soo pretty !. Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  22. Love that blue box! You lucky duck you!
    Lots of snow?
    Linda :o)

  23. What a great looking mancave! Show us the inside sometime.

  24. Your blue box is very decorative, Pam! I like the color and shape. Your husband new shed looks very roomy--I'm sure it will be useful. We had snow this week then high temps and now there is talk of more snow. As long as it melts quickly I don't mind it. Have a very happy and blessed Easter!

  25. Your blue box is wonderful, Pam. So nice for displaying flowers. I always admire guys for their willingness to tackle those tough jobs involving heavy equipment and power tools. Your new shed is so nice, and perfect for a man-cave. That cloud bank is incredible - at first I thought I was looking at cliffs! I do hope that this is the last of your snow. You deserve some warm spring sunshine! Hope your Easter week is lovely. Hugs xo Karen

  26. Isn't it amazing, the first signs of Spring and we feel the need to foof the cushions, paint furniture, move sheds and do whatever it takes to get things ready for a life outdoors in the sun!
    I wouldn't want to lose my sun off the verandah either Pam!
    Happy Easter
    Shane x

  27. Oh Pam, I am so with you and hoping for true Spring any day, however we have no snow, just has been cold, but today whoosh 68', and sunny...makes me happy. Moving that shed looks like work especially with weight of snow. Love your flower display, oh so pretty~

  28. I am hoping your spring comes back soon! Our has and hopefully there will be no more signs of winter in NC. Wow...that is some man cave! Are you going to be allowed in?? Lol!

  29. Like you it will be quite awhile before spring arrives in our part of the world but it's lovely to hope that one of these months it will arrive. I hope your snow melts before too long. We are surrounded by it once again. Back to toques, boots, mitts and shovels. I enjoyed your street photography post and commented there today too. Happy Easter !

  30. That's crazy how much snow you got! I just loved the picture of the cloud formation before the snow came too, wow! And your lovely blue box filled with bottles of flowers - beautiful! I love the signs of spring inside your home, and hope you don't lose too much sun from the man cave, lol! It is a busy week, and I hope that the weather warms up and the snow melts for you :)

  31. I like your simple floral display, Pamela. Hopefully you will have daffodils and tulips from your own garden. When Spring does finally arrive maybe the sun will be situated where it isn't blocked by the shed. Sounds like lots of changes around your place soon. That can be wearying but will worth it when it's all finished! Happy Easter


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