Spring 2018

Spring 2018
Spring Green

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm starting to feely springy

Or, at least it's trying to be.  

I loaned my chalkboard out for a wedding recently and got it back with this sweet flag banner attached - which is perfect for summer.

Hi there!
Just a post of 'this and that' today and this may be it for the week.  We'll see.  How many of you remember your parents saying that phrase or maybe you said it to your own kids.  :)  It usually meant 'no'.  But....we'll see.....what the rest of the week brings.

I am starting to feel springy though as the weather has improved a bit and we've had some sunshine and a couple of warmer days.

Blue skies and lots of jets flying overhead.

We had a beautiful weekend, especially on Sunday when the winds died down and shifted to the southwest from the northeast for the day and the temperature got up to 20C.  

The Tree Swallows came back on the weekend and started checking out the Bluebird house in the backyard.  We've had swallows nesting in it the past 2 summers and I guess they are planning on moving in again soon.  No action today though.

We had our barbecue on Sunday and the weather was perfect.  Shirt sleeves, sunglasses and a cap.  Our son, Mark, did the honours.

Our daughter-in-law, Jenn, reflecting on the beauty of the day.

The kitchen window.  I love the colours in that olive tin.

I changed the hutch today.  :)  Do you see the 'artwork' on the middle shelf in behind the dishes?  They are by our grandsons.  The colours match the dishes so I thought I'd display them there.

Do you see the green??  It's starting.  We do need some rain though.  It's been windy and dry for a week or more and now there is a ban on open fires for the whole province.  We have a huge pile of brush and wood to burn out back but can't until we get some rain then a nice calm day.  

The next 2 days will be warm at 20C (70F) but the weekend will see a cool down and next week it will be below seasonal in temperature which is disappointing.

I got a bit artsy today and painted this for the dining room wall.  It looks darker than it really is but it's my favourite colours of aqua and limey green.  I had fun but I don't expect I'll be famous.  Cheap canvas and craft paint.  It isn't framed....I just added this one in Picasa.

I'll end with this artwork by the Master artist this morning.

Yes, I was up at 6:30 to catch this sunrise.  Note how it has moved across the sky since January when it used to rise to the far right.  By June 21 it will rise even more to the left and I'll probably sleep right through it as it will be a lot earlier!

Well, that's my post for today and maybe the week.  I'm glad you stopped by and hope you are having a great week.  Enjoy the lovely weather my friends.



  1. Spring is on its way to you. After all your snow it's hard to believe you need more rain but I guess we need rain in spring to get things going. Enjoy the nice weather!

  2. We have waited a long time for spring weather to arrived haven't we? I'm slowing down on the computer too, and spending as much time outside as possible. I love how you are displaying the grandkids artwork. I have mine on the fridge, on the bookshelf and in the computer room. I love seeing it. Enjoy the lovely weather.

  3. I like seeing signs spring at your locale. The photo of Jenn is great! I love the pale aqua of your dishes.

  4. I've noticed changes in positions of the sunrise as well, and spring is apparently underway here, though it's still a good idea to dress somewhat warm for it early in the morning.

  5. enjoyed!! and chuckled over the we'll see' bit...we knew it was simply a postponement to 'no'

  6. HI Pam...
    Looks like you are finally getting some nice weather....
    We have been great here for nearly a week...but rain coming in tomorrow afternoon...and then lower temps :o(
    Nice to have your son and DIL over for a meal....love that!
    And displaying your grandsons artwork...love that too!
    Off to the cottage on Friday...maybe stay over...but...."we'll see!" Hahaha!
    Enjoy the rest of your week...
    Linda :o)

  7. Hope you have a wonderful week! And get the weather you want. You need to make plans to get some of those waterfall shots you mentioned to share with us.

  8. About 90% of the snow we received has melted, but it has not warmed back up to the 70's as yet, and everything is very soggy. Hopefully we can dry out a little before the next snow storm--lol!

    Your hutch looks very pretty and I'm sure you enjoyed your cook out. I did not know you painted, Pam! Your painting looks very contemporary!

  9. I like all of your spring touches . . .
    The aqua color sings spring to me . . .

  10. Lovely outdoor photos Pam! So happy you are having warmer weather and spring has arrived at your home! Enjoy dear one!

  11. Looks perfectly wonderful, loved your photos! :)

  12. Loved your springy photos this morning. I'm hoping our rain will ease up pretty soon, as we can't get our flowers planted! I use that phrase to give me time to think through something.

  13. It's so good to look forward to warmer weather! Your painting fits right in with what we are seeing in the design magazines right now!

  14. Dear Pam had a delightful visit. It does look like spring has arrived. Love your art for the dining room wall. Such peaceful and serene colors. Well hope you have a gorgeous weekend coming up.

  15. Dear Pam had a delightful visit. It does look like spring has arrived. Love your art for the dining room wall. Such peaceful and serene colors. Well hope you have a gorgeous weekend coming up.

  16. Well I think your art work is lovely Pamela , great photos to and so glad spring is there now for you . Pretty dishes and things . Yes I remember my mum and dad saying we'll see to us kids I say it to my kids to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  17. What is it about kitchen windowsills? I love them. I could do a kitchen windowsill book and I'll ask you if you'd like to be featured. =D

    The artwork is pretty cool and they will love seeing it featured today.

  18. Well you can't beat that, someone else doing the cooking! Your son looks like he knows what he's doing too. And your DIL is a beauty.
    I like that you found somewhere to displace your grands artwork. It's a reminder for you of them.
    Glad to see you did get a few nice days to get out and enjoy the weather. We had a few nice ones too, but it is back to cold again for the whole next week. But it is looking promising now at least!
    Take care-Kim

  19. Tree swallows are one of my favorites! We're definitely in spring, but already far behind on rainfall. I hope it doesn't end up being a dry summer.


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