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Spring 2018
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

mellow yellow

When you take a photo that is a bit out of focus you play with it in Picasa editing.  :)

Hi!  I'm back with just a few pics today.  
We had 2 gorgeous days Thursday and Friday with sunshine and very warm temperatures for here in April.  It got to 23C yesterday which was so lovely.  

On Friday Morning I was going to cut some daffodils to bloom in the house as they are starting to bud and show yellow now.  However, when I went out to the garden I noted a bee trying to get pollen from the only 2 golden throats that were open so I took my scissors inside and got my camera instead.  It was Earth Day after all, and I will do all I can to protect the bees and give them the food they need to keep going.  

This one also had a spider on it which I hadn't noticed when taking the photos.

Murray had been away all week and got home at noon yesterday.  And, since it was so nice out we did some yard work, and sorting and organizing in the shed.  He was exhausted by suppertime so we had a quiet evening watching a movie on Netflix.  (Non-Stop with Liam Neeson - a good action thriller)  

Today it is cloudy and only 13C which is more normal for us in April but it's Saturday and don't we always want it to be nice and sunny and warm on Saturday?  Oh well.  I guess we need the rest.

Our neighbour's Daphne shrubs are blooming now too.  

The tree buds are swelling and the grass is starting to green up.  
It is such a beautiful time of the year when the earth re-awakens and things start to grow and bloom.

By the way.....I watched season 5 of 'Downtown Abbey' this past week.  It was SO good and I am now waiting for the final season 6 to air.  We also watch 'Murder in Paradise' which is a light series that takes place on a 'British Caribbean Island'.  It has some humour and I like the way the detective solves the crimes at the end of each episode.  There sure are a lot of murders on that small island though!  Haha.  Sadly, the main character was murdered off the show and a new detective has arrived to solve his death.  I hope I don't spoil this for anyone.  It's a good series though and I enjoy the tropical scenes and light humour of the bumbling detective.

Well, I started off sharing flowers and ended up talking tv shows when I didn't even think I'd be back here for another week!  :)  

Have a great weekend my friends.  Hopefully I'll find something to share with you next week.



  1. Daffodils always make so happy with their bright yellow color. They're such cheerful flowers. How sweet of you to let them stay there for the bees. Yes, it's important to provide food sources for the bees. They are hanging out at my poppies now - or should I see at the few of the poppies the grazing left standing in their nightly feeding spree. They never ate so many of my poppies before.
    I had to laugh about your comment "there sure are a lot of murders on that small island" - we felt the same when we watched the British series "Shetland". This is my favorite British TV show, I absolutely love it. Do you have it in Canada?

  2. Fun post! Your photography is just awesome, love how brilliant the yellow flowers look!

  3. Lovely yellow, Pamela!

    I used to think much the same of Murder She Wrote- even if the main character were in her home town only half the episodes of a season, that meant ten to twelve murders in that town a year, making it the per capita murder capital of the world.

  4. They killed off the main character? Wow. We have sometimes watched that show...five or six. It is cooler today here...wonder how long this will last. I liked the warmer stuff better.

  5. We watch both the series you mentioned. The new detective has been on the show for awhile now, Netflix is probably a bit behind. Enjoy the next series of Downton when it airs.

  6. The bees have been buzzin like crazy in our trees,,,,we have some bee boxes on one corner of our land. THey are amazing little creatures aren't they. Thanks for the suggestion for the Murder in Paradise show, I will have to check it out. Have a great week end!!

  7. Lovely photos . I have seen season 6 of Downtown Abby a few weeks ago it was done airing on the WNED TV station and now no more Downton BOOHOO ! I have seen the series 'Murder in Paradise that is a good series to . I am glad your getting lovely weather and the blooms are all out there ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  8. Pamela
    I think I've seen at least one or two seasons of Murder in Paradise beyond what you are talking about, so no spoilers for me! I love that show too.
    Your daffodils are looking lovely. I'm glad you sacrificed a bouquet for the bees!

  9. What a delightful post and how lovely for you to have a 23 degrees day.
    We had a beautiful day here on Friday too and we were all in short sleeves at Mahjong, in fact we were complaining about the heat!!!

    I'm so pleased you left the daffs for the bees - great photos too!

    I must try and get Netflix set up on our TV, I need a young techno person as I can't do it anymore! There was a time when I could nut all these things out - not any more.
    I've written that film in my diary - Liam Neeson is one of my fave actors.
    Aah Downton, we had Series 6 near the end of last year and I for one wish it could go on and on. Great actors, a gracious era for clothes, stunning location - a perfect dream world!

    Your Spring header is lovely Pamela.


  10. We are having a good weekend thanx, hope you are too.

  11. What gorgeous yellow! I'm glad to see that in your photos instead of snow! :-)

  12. Yellow is such a cheerful colour.
    Lovely images, thanks for sharing

    All the best Jan

  13. We are enjoying Netflix too, Pamela. It's nice to have the choice - and if you're like me, it's nice to be able to go back to watch what you've missed after falling asleep!

  14. Love your Yellow . . .
    And the spider and the bee . . .
    Could be a story there . . .

  15. Glorious Spring in your wonderful world. How fantastic. Carol

  16. Thanks for the movie recs! Great shots with your camera, and nice to see you have some definite spring going on there now. I hope you have a good week and some warmer weather.

  17. So good to see that spring is springing so beautifully for you!!! Death In Paradise is a good fun show isn't it, we like it! xx

  18. The bee in the daffodil is a wonderful shot. We enjoyed Death in Paradise, too, and were very surprised when the original detective was murdered. I'm glad spring is coming to your side of the country.

  19. I've also watched some Murder in Paradise. I read somewhere that they had to kill off the lead detective because the actor missed his family and wanted to go back to London. I thought that was sweet.

  20. Fantastic spring time photos! Love daffodils and the daphne bush ~ ^_^

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  21. Happy Spring Pam, lovely photos


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