Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, May 29, 2016

country roads and covered bridges

Digdeguash #3 McGuire 1913

There are still about 60 covered bridges left in New Brunswick and most of them can be driven through today.  The two bridges I'm sharing today cross over the Digdeguash River in  southwestern NB.  How do you pronounce that word any way?  Well I thought it was spelled "Digi-de-wash" because that's how it's pronounced.....until I looked at the sign and noticed the spelling of it.    

The first bridge we crossed is the McGuire #3 in Elmsville along the Digdeguash River which runs from near McAdam and down through Charlotte County to the community of Digdeguash on the Passamaquoddy Bay.  You can see through the other side of the bridge a steel structure with black and orange markings on it. This is to prevent oversized vehicles from crossing the bridge.  

Looking down river.  It was so pretty.

There was lots of 'art' in the form of graffiti in this bridge and some not too nice words!  Why do people do that??

Looking back from the other side.

We continued on along the backroads until we came to the community of Rollingdam.  We drove through the intersection of two roads and I saw a weight restriction sign to the right that indicated there might be a covered bridge so I asked begged suggested we turn around and check it out.  We found bridge # 4, McCann, built in 1934.

We parked at a little turnout along the road and I battled the blackflies - hordes of them! - to take photos.
Rollingdam or, Rolling Dam as it used to be spelled, was settled in 1830 and the area was known for lumbering and apparently there was a dam in this area at one time and no doubt a lumber mill.   

The view up river from the window in the bridge.

There is a bit of a rapids near the bridge.

This young lad came flying through the bridge on his 4-wheeler and almost didn't make the turn on the other side.  Good thing there was a side rail of wood for me to step up on out of the way!  lol

There is another covered bridge on this river - #6 at Dumbarton.  I guess we'll have to look for that one on another drive down there.

I said in my last post that I'd show you what I bought at the Tweedside Road Home Decor shop in St. Andrews.  

I couldn't resist this sign.  Since our main bathroom has a seaside theme I thought this would be perfect hung in there above the window.  

I also bought this small crystal ball and what you see is the side yard reflected upside down.

Here it is in a glass candlestick.

And, in an enamel bowl of seashells.  I think I'll have fun finding spots for this ball and maybe taking photos of reflections in it.

  Thank you for visiting and commenting on my St. Andrews post and for stopping by today.  

I hope my American friends are enjoying a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.  
Take care.



  1. I love the sign Pam, perfect for your bathroom. I would love to drive through a covered bridge, and then take lots of photos. Guess we need to head to NB for a trip :)

  2. Covered bridges seem so romantic - we don't have any of them out here. It looks like a beautiful country drive. Great sign!

  3. Wonderful bridges and river photos. Love that little glass ball.

  4. I love a covered bridge. They often are painted red, for some reason, at least down here. I like your purchases, and can see some good photographs coming from that crystal ball.

  5. Enjoyed the visit. (Pesky whippersnappers)

  6. What beautiful bridges! I always enjoy seeing one, and they are such a rarity.

  7. These beautiful covered wooden bridges have always fascinated me Pam.
    I've always wondered why they are covered - do you know the reason?
    They are such treasures and I hope they are protected as historical sites.
    Happy week dear friend.

  8. I once lived in PA where there were several lovely covereed bridges. I'm not sure I've encountered any in CO. These bridges look well- kept and the river is beautiful. (I tried saying Digdeguash 3 times really fast!)

  9. Covered bridges seem so cool to me- of course I have never in my life seen a good one or walked/drove through one. That sign is perfect. Have a lovely day!

  10. Beautiful country road and bridges ~ Great photography ~ all very creative!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  11. I always enjoy your storytelling and your refreshing, Pam..
    Love the sign....and that glass ball is so beautiful!
    Wishing you a pleasant evening...
    Linda :o)

  12. always a fan of any covered bridges. so awesome, Pam!! love the views. hope you are well. summer has arrived here in VA, the humidity is nuts. thanks for sharing. take care. ( :

  13. I love covered bridges! These are fantastic! And such gorgeous country!

  14. I'm crazy and in love with covered bridges. Thank you for the trip, every photograph was magical.
    I've been looking for your blog! I found it again. Very happy about that.
    Have a great week!

  15. Beautiful photos of the covered bridges. I always admire them and can't help but wonder what the areas were like when the bridges were newly built.

  16. What is it about covered bridges that we find so fascinating? Whenever I see one I need to stop and take pictures. I simply love them. It seems that so many have graffiti and I quite don't understand why people do that. I can understand them on grey, ugly buildings etc., but on these beautiful bridges? No idea. Beautiful photos, Pam, as always.

  17. Superb bridge design. I love nature seen.
    Thanks & keep going :)
    A Modern World

  18. I love covered bridges. We don't have any around here, perhaps because we hardly have any rivers.

  19. Those covered bridges are iconic! I've been through many of them myself, and I can relate to seeing the graffiti, terrible! Your pictures are gorgeous, and you were brave to get out in spite of those black flies, they are terrible little buggers! I always enjoy your posts and pictures Pam :)


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