Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Saturday, May 14, 2016

downtown Fredericton part 2

Christ Church Cathedral ~ such a great view with the trees bare.

A few more photos from Fredericton's downtown that I took last Sunday afternoon.

This is the Beaverbrook Art Gallery which is undergoing a large addition to the right end (out of the photo) as depicted in the mural on the wall.

Beaverbrook Art Gallery under construction.

The New Brunswick Legislature - our provincial government.

The building was designed and built by Saint John architect J R Dumaresq and it is built of Dorchester sandstone.  The building was opened in 1882 and has many beautiful features including the dome, the statue of Britannia with her trident - symbolic of Britain's dominance of the seas, and inside - a towering self-supporting spiral staircase, among other fine features.

One of the annexes.

Looking up King St.  Chancery Place on the right, holds the provincial government offices.

Walking down King St. and looking back to the intersection and the Centennial Building on the left.  It used to hold the government offices prior to Chancery Place being built and opened.

This is one of the many historic homes in the downtown plat.  It is Jewett House and is located on Secretary lane, a very short street between King and Queen Streets next to the Legislature.  A few of the large old homes around the Legislature were used as government offices.  I'm not sure if they still are.

Another of the historic houses.

Looking back up the street again with the profile of another old home and Jewett house in the background.

Now we are driving up King St.  These are the tallest buildings in our city - the BMO being the tallest at 9 stories - and Sunday afternoons the streets are pretty quiet.  Anyone got a bowling ball?  


We have had temperatures in the low 20's the past 3 days and sunshine so the trees are really 'blooming' and the grass is growing like crazy so Murray did the first cut on Wednesday evening.  The hummingbirds came around today, a few days later than last year, and it is great to see them at the feeders.  

I'll come back on Monday with some photos of spring things.  I hope you are enjoying the weekend.  I know the weather is a bit wacky across Canada so hopefully it will settle down and be nice for longer than 2 or 3 days at a time!



  1. gorgeous area, i love church, government buildings are always so fancy. hope you are well this weekend. i just noticed your comment at William's blog and thought oh my goodness i have not visited Pam in yrs. ... so times. you take care. big big hugs. ( :

  2. Hi Pam...
    I always enjoyed visiting Fredericton...
    Especially my last trip...when I met you!
    The houses are so quaint...
    I stayed at the Beaverbrook hotel...but did not get to the art gallery...:o(
    Weather here is hideous...we came home from the windy and wavy and COLD! Only 10 today!
    I am starting to wonder how the Summer is shaping up......
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  3. My goodness - what amazing buildings - love the houses.

  4. Fredericton is a very pretty and clean city! I always have enjoyed my visits and I like shopping at the malls, too.

    Weather...I quit! 77°F yesterday; 37°F today with a threat of snow. Snow, for crying out loud. Cwaaazzy~~~

  5. All sorts of interesting architecture in Fredricton. It looks like an great place to visit.

  6. Fredericton reminds me so much of Victoria - a small city and the capital of a province. It looks like a nice place to stroll on a Sunday afternoon in springtime. Do you have big celebrations there on Victoria Day?

  7. 20sssssssssssssssssss


    I about got head stroke walking two miles with Sissy this morning.

    Love the sky in that second shot

  8. Beautiful shots- the legislature especially. I've been in Fredericton a couple of times. I'll have to return.

  9. Super shots- I like the statue and the historical buildings- very pretty. I've never been to Fredericton, so thanks for sharing the view!

  10. The architecture in the city is beautiful and varied. I enjoyed each photo! Would love a walk there.

  11. Beautiful city, Pam. That church is gorgeous, all amazing pictures..Happy Sunday..Judy

  12. It's a beautiful city, thank Pam for sharing it so beautifully with us! Xo

  13. Those photos sure make the day look like it was perfect weather, Pam!...:)JP

  14. I still like the old homes and buildings the best.

  15. I enjoyed your tour photos of Frederickton . . .
    Love the older homes!
    Brrrrr weathered here too, with snowflakes . ..
    I think we will turn the "cold weather corner" this week though . . .
    And begin to enjoy some days of sunshine and warmth!

  16. wow beautiful photos ,amazing stone work ,well captured liked them so much

  17. I love the architecture in older buildings and homes. The turrets are so cool on the houses. I read your story on the fire. I heard about it on the news. So sad. I pray for those poor people. Carol


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