Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, June 17, 2016

a walk in the park

The Beaver Pond with a beaver lodge.

Today we are just days from the first day of summer.  Our weather has been not nice so far and on Tuesday it was cloudy and cool after a couple days of heavy rain.  My friend, Lois, came up for lunch then we went for a nice long walk on the trails in Mactaquac Provincial park.  I must say we were quite cold at first with the wind whipping across the ponds.

We saw lots of these water lilies about ready to bloom.

There are two ponds here divided by a road/causeway.

We also saw lots of these bunch or pigeon berry blooms along the trails.


Me.  Hi!

We walked on the wooded trail to the Little Mactaquac Stream.

The sun peeked through the clouds and lit up the forest.

Back at the ponds again.
These two logs looked so interesting.  I think the beavers have been gnawing at the bark and made the patterns on them.  We walked back out the trail and around the other beaver pond where a bridge takes us safely across.  We saw some interesting plants growing on the old logs and lots of tadpoles.  Heard a frog hiding in the grasses.

This old log lay in the water next to the bridge and all kinds of plants were growing on it.  It was really pretty to see.

Close up of one end.

Blue Flag Iris

Someone tossed this bunch berry into the pond.  It looked so pretty floating there on the water.

A friend told me the beavers, who have lodges in these ponds, eat the water lily blooms before they get a chance to open.

Some blue sky was peeking through but it was mostly clouds.

Waiting to open.  Will a beaver get it first?

The work crew made a cool looking seat from this tree that blew down during the tropical storm Arthur in 2014.


This mama Mallard duck had her babies all lined up for a long walk the other evening.  They were so cute to see going across the field and neighbour's yard.  Not sure where they went to.

We are in for a few days of sunny hot weather to welcome summer in.  It is a perfect day today - sunshine and 22C - and the weekend will be in the upper 20's and humid.  Yay for summer weather!!  I know some of you can't stand the heat but I sure can (for the most part) and we even live without AC in the house.  We are looking forward to summer here in the Maritimes.

Happy Summer to everyone on this side of the equator!  
Have a super weekend.

Take care.


  1. What a wonderful park. Must say you and Lois are both photogenic as well. :)

  2. Beautiful park with two beautiful ladies, too! The water lilies are so dark yellow, it would be wonderful to see them open before the beavers eat every last one. I liked the log with the plants growing on it, too. We're quite hot and humid this weekend, not my favorite weather. I hope you get some balmier temperatures soon.

  3. Loved this park and pond photo journey with you . . .
    Delightful sighting off the ducks and babes . . .
    Sending you some warmth . . .
    Mixed weather here . . .
    Happy Father's Day weekend Pamela . . .

  4. If that's what you all consider a park then sign me up! Beautiful!

  5. Such a lovely hike, and thanks for taking us along. I couldn't figure out what those logs were in the water, for a minute thought they were gators.

  6. What a beautiful place to hike through!

  7. Your photos make it look cool as well as your jackets! Hard to imagine needing a jacket with our heat, except this weekend is almost perfect weather, low humidity and low 80s. What a gift! Enjoy your warm weather coming!

  8. We visit a pond very similar to your photos here! I like how you show each part of the ponds. Very nice photo of you also! Great post.

  9. How nice to join you on such a cool and calm walk, Pam. It is scorching here and dry, so I especially enjoyed looking at the water.

  10. Hi Pamela...I have sure been missing everyone. I think that your walk took you to some lovely sights, beautiful images. I need a hike, but still learning to get around with a cane at least until July 11. Take care, have a beautiful week~

  11. Looks like a wonderful place for a walk. We are having hot, hot, hot weather so perhaps some is heading your way.

  12. Lovely to go along on your walk with you! Hope you enjoy your summer!!

  13. What a pretty place to take a walk, Pam! Love all the pretty wildflowers and water lilies. Interesting to see the logs, too! I like your jacket:) Happy summer! xo Karen

  14. Hello, Pamela. If you like heat, you should have been here yesterday. It was well into the 30s. It's cooled down today and it's very pleasant. You and your friend had a beautiful place to walk and your photo is lovely; you look very friendly!


  15. Your macro shots are divine and so creative and the nature photography is great too ~ Love the beaver damn ~

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  16. I bet those water flowers would be pretty when they open. Love all the shots. Surprised you didn't see any creatures along the way.


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