Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, June 3, 2016

apple blossoms and a gorgeous sunset

It is apple blossom time in our area.  Or I guess it was the past week as they are quickly disappearing now.  My friend, Linda, and I went to the apple orchard down the road twice in the past week.  We went one cloudy afternoon last Thursday and took a ton of photos then finally, on Monday, May 30, the sun came out at suppertime and Linda called me to see if I'd be interested in going to the orchard again.  Sure thing!  It was a beautiful evening and the scent of the blossoms was lovely as the trees buzzed with hundreds of bees from the hives.  I must say I was a bit nervous of all the bees but they were only interested in getting that lovely nectar from the blooms.   This is a longer post filled with photos so grab a beverage, take your time and enjoy.

These trees were in their fullest bloom compared to when we went last Thursday afternoon.  They were a frothy white loveliness.

Those are raspberry canes behind the rectangular frames.

What a gorgeous view!

Make a wish.


After over an hour of breathing in the beauty of these blossoms we decided to go down to the causeway at the river and take photos of the setting sun.  Although it was a good 45 minutes to wait for the final sunset we enjoyed walking along the causeway and looking at the beautiful scenery as the sun slowly sunk in the west.

The causeway (above on the right) which crosses the Mactaquac Arm of the Mactaquac Head Pond leads to the Mactaquac Marina and Mactaquac Provincial Park along Route 105 which you can take all the way up the St. John River - a very scenic drive on a country road.

The Mactaquac Marina is all 'stocked up' with boats for a new season on the river.  The yellow boat has "Don't Panic" written upside down on its side.  :)

The start of the sunset.  The water was so calm and peaceful.

There were Canada geese in those fields honking away.

This lone Canada goose swam across the water to join its friends in the fields on the other side honking all the way.  We couldn't figure out why it didn't just fly over.  :)

I love this view and the soft pastel sky reflecting in the smooth water only adds to the beauty.

One more orange glow.  Oh my.  It was so beautiful.  I wish you all could have been there to see it.  

Well, our first few days of June have gone by already.  I don't want summer to fly by as I want to enjoy every moment of it.  I hope you've had a good week and that the weekend is full of early summer fun.  It looks like we're in for a long stretch of cloudy rainy days but I hope the forecast is wrong.  The month of June did that last year too but the weather in July and August made up for it.  

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.  I am going to try to get around and visit you today or tomorrow.  
Take care.  Have a great weekend!




  1. Loved this visit. Especially the twilight skyscapes

  2. Pam this is all just beautiful. I can smell the apple blossoms! And one time when dandelions are a good thing! They look so pretty with the white blossoms above them. Reminds me of that scene from Anne of Green Gables when Anne and Matthew are driving through the allee of blossoms. You have some of the prettiest sunsets around..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. What a beautiful day you treated us to!

  4. Beautiful captures of he apple blossoms!

  5. I feel refreshed just having seen your wonderful photos. What a beautiful place to visit and spend some time. The first photo reminds me of a dogwood blossom, minus the red drop on one of the petals.
    Hope you are enjoying good weather this weekend! Here our heat and humidity have arrived.

  6. Gorgeous, particularly those blossoms. We've had apple and crabapple tree blossoms here, though they're now fully leafed out.

  7. Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous photos . . .
    What a treet it must have been to have walked amongst the apple blossoms . . .
    And the sunset, lone Canadian Goose, sailboats . . . wonderful pictures!

  8. Ah, so lovely, Pam! You've captured some beautiful shots of the sunset and the goose swimming across the river; very peaceful. I love the sight of apple blossoms too.
    We're not getting a lot of warm weather over here yet. A day here and there and for the most part, it's quite cool. Sounds like most of June will be below normal. Ugh! Our summers are so short and losing May and June to cool wet weather really does but a damper on things. Strange how some of our blogger friends are already complaining about the heat and we're anxiously awaiting beach weather. At least, we're not shovelling snow, eh? Have a wonderful weekend.


  9. What a great posting. I love the blossoms, but each photo was amazing. I like the water scenes and the sunsets. I wish I was right there. It is really a beautiful place.

  10. beautiful orchard and wonderful views.

    thank you for your kind comment today.

  11. Happy to find your blog today! So wonderful your pictures! ! Thank you for sharing amazing photos. I'm the newest followers:)

  12. The trees were certainly at peak bloom! That's a beautiful orchard! I like the variety in the sunset photos - some pastel and some brilliant orange! Gorgeous!

  13. Apple trees in blossom will always remind me of my mom talking of her dad's apple orchard. They only had a couple of rows of trees, but the memory of their blooming was strong in Mom's mind. You got some lovely photos of the blooms. You live in such a pretty area. Wonderful shots around the water. And that sunset!! Just gorgeous!! I felt like I was right there with you Pam. I love it when you play with your camera :D

  14. A sunset like that is worth the wait. Your photos are beautiful, Pamela. The apple blossoms are spectacular. Don't you just want to lie down on the grass and look up through the flowers at the blue sky?

  15. Such beautiful pictures. Love all those apple blossoms. wow. Those sunsets are wow.
    Thanks for sharing.


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