Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, June 6, 2016

around the yard in June


Spring is really popping here with some flowers blooming in the garden.  Poppy, Solomon's Seal, Spiderwort and Allium are all I have blooming at the moment but everything is growing well.

This garden faces south and gets a lot of sun so is the first to bloom.  There are some soft peach Osteospermum blooming there too.  I bought them in full bloom.  I've found a lot of those red Asiatic lily beetles on the lilies and spiderwort so have sprayed them or crushed them (in my gloved fingers!).  

Solomon's Seal

This Hosta used to be in a corner between the house and garage but that area is getting a makeover this summer (i.e. construction) plus the plant was so huge and spilled over the steps so we (Murray) dug it up and we planted it in a cove area of the back deck where it will get shade and sun.  It is doing well there.

I've potted up 4 old enamel pots with annuals for the back deck and they are starting to bloom.

This fat bee climbed right in to the centre of this petunia so that just its bum was showing.

I bought a new two seater bench for the deck this year and stained it last week.  It is an Adirondack style, a bit different from the other one we have.  The trailing fuchsia is opening up.  

I painted this table with a Sun-Proof paint in a pretty spring green.  It needed an update from white.  We are going to be re-siding the house later this summer in a colour called khaki so I think the table will look nice against it.  

A neighbour came and tilled the garden last weekend.

Murray was raking rocks from the garden.....again.  We grow rocks here on this ridge!  lol  Our vegetable garden is being cut in half yet again this year.  Between an annoying weed that just won't die (and we have to keep pulling it out!) and deer that love to graze on our plants we decided to cut it back and fence in the lower part where the vegetables will be.  It's hard to tell here but the garden is still quite large and we'll have 5 rows to plant plus a section about 3 feet wide to plant some perennials in.  I'll be transplanting some that aren't doing well due to too much shade in the garden they're in.  They'll get lots of sun out here in the open and should do better.   

I'm enjoying the hummingbirds at the two feeders we have on the back deck.  

And this is rather exciting.  We have Eastern Bluebirds starting to nest in the newest birdhouse this year.  This is a first for us.  We've had the other birdhouse on the post for 2 summers and the last two the Bluebirds have missed out as Swallows have built in it.  I will enjoy watching this couple and hope the young survive.

The Tree Swallow peeking its head out the hole.

Pretty potted petunia.  Say that fast 7 times.  :)

It is raining here today, Tuesday will see some sunshine, then it looks like rain for the rest of the week.  Ugh.  My plants are living under the eave on the back deck with two lawn chairs protecting them from the rain.  However, I am grateful we aren't getting the heavy rains that Texas has had or even in France and Germany with so much flooding.  I understand there is a tropical storm forming in Florida that will travel up the coast and probably provide some of our rain later in the week.  

I'd like to welcome my new followers and thank you for stopping by for a visit.  


If you follow Vee at her blog "A Haven for Vee" please continue to uphold her in prayer for comfort as her dear husband passed away after a sudden illness recently.  We had a chance to meet Vee and John in Portland, Maine in 2013 and they are such lovely people.  It was a shock to hear of his passing and Vee would really appreciate your prayers for her and the family in the weeks ahead and as they have a memorial service on June 25.  Thank You.

Have a beautiful week - rain or shine.



  1. I enjoyed the stroll through your place so much...the little guy I babysit and I, (he is a bird and bloom lover) are a bit envious of your bluebirds:)

    Then at the end sudden sadness. I did not know about Vee's situation. Life is just too busy to get around blogland quite like I do in the winter months!

    Thank-you so much for sharing this. I will put her name on my prayer-list!

  2. Your yard looks so pretty. I am not good with the names of flowers other than the basics, but you have some big named flowers! Our hosta is doing well this year now that we have something that is deterring the deer. Your new double seat chair looks conducive to some good conversation!

  3. Lots of lovely blooms in your garden! Isn't it great to see hummingbirds. I just put my feeder out hoping some will drop in.

  4. You sure got a great shot of your Solomons Seal! I find it very difficult to photograph! I cut a few stems of mine this year, and made an arrangement for the front hall...looked fabulous!
    I love your Poppies...mine are gone...guess they faded out..
    You sure have some lovely planters...and the birds are fantastic!
    I have never seen a must be thrilled.
    We are having a beautiful cloud/sunny day here...beautiful breezes...
    Still could get a few thunderclappers rolling thru...
    Enjoy your week Pam...
    Linda :o)

    ps....sorry about your friend Vee...I know you are good friends :o(

  5. Your gardens are lovely and so is your deck, Pam I really like that two seater bench and would live to find one for my deck. I planted some tomatoes on my second story deck for the first time this year as an exoeriment. I wish I could have even a small vegetable garden like yours but it is impossible here.
    My heart is heavy for Vee. She is in my prayers

  6. It looks like Spring is in full swing now! I know you are enjoying the milder temps. We are getting some rain today from the storm but nothing bad so far. I love your big enamel pots! And I'm praying for Vee and her family. What a hard time for them. Sweet hugs, Diane

  7. I love looking in other peoples gardens your plants and visitors are so different to ours, very fond of red poppies.

  8. Hummers are a delight- though they're not terribly social with each other.

    We had the rain yesterday, which we desperately needed.

  9. Lovely photos , looks like all is growing well there . I find that blood meal keeps critters away from our plants and you can also put it about your veggie patch it also helps the soil and the plant out as well I have decided to try container veggie gardens next year to see how that goes . I feel it is a bit to late in the season here to start them now . Oh I am soo sorry to hear this about Vee's husband I had no idea as I haven't been in blog land for a bit myself ! My prayers are with her and family .

  10. Nice to see the flowers coming along. We used to have some of those big orange poppies, and really enjoyed them. We keep wondering about cutting back our garden. I heard my wife say to someone yesterday that we created this great garden - but we've created a monster!

  11. I'm excited about the blue birds Pam and like the sound of new khaki siding. I didn't know there was a sun-proof paint and like the green colour of the table you painted.
    I've seen few lily beetles so far but like you, squish any I do find.
    Haha, we grow rocks on our property too - big whoppers even! lol

  12. Pam, loving your blooms! A friend gave me starts of Solomon Seal a few years ago and I have really enjoyed it. My Poppies have been gorgeous. Your orange one is a ruffled one. Love it! Saw some like it in Spring City. Wouldn't mind finding one like that. Love your new bench! I had a white one years ago, but it finally fell apart. So sorry about Vee! That is so sad!!

  13. I think June is the " Flower Pop" month of the year . . .
    I think rain and warmth teamed up for "beauty!"
    Loved the poppies . . .
    Happy gardening Pamela . . .
    Sorry to hear about your friend's husband passing . . .
    She will be in my caring . . .

  14. Wonderful to see your garden, it looks so beautiful doesn't it. Hope you get to enjoy it a lot.

  15. Although I have seen many of these lovely photos on facebook, I am just now getting to visit your blog! I really love the enamel pots...I had many at the cabin that were still in boxes in the garage so I decided to get them out this year and set plants in them. Your yard and patio look so pretty. So...are the bluebirds still hanging around?? Hope so!

  16. Everything is looking good! I have to battle those lily beetles too

  17. I love all your pretty flowers...saw somewhere that you have a pergola..was hoping to see it here...

  18. Your flowers are looking pretty and I love the Adirondack seat- I wish I had somewhere to put on. I have been praying for Vee- so sad. Blessings to you and yours.

  19. Now it is definitely looking like spring over there! Lovely blooms. We too had such a nice visit with Vee and John several years ago. My heart goes out to Vee! Praying that she finds much joy in all the good memories...and that God is her comfort as she walks this difficult path!

  20. My Solomons Seal is done, poppies budded but no blooms open yet! We need some sun! Getting tired of all this rain and cooler weather.... I have lots of tall allium blooms this year and my hostas are growing huge with all this moisture. I have never seen a bluebird around here, lucky you! I picked up my big planters from Greys today. :)
    Have not got my veg. garden in yet, hopefully this weekend! So much to get done outdoors this time of year....

  21. Oh the glorious flowers and birds - what lovely photos.

  22. Your flowers are so pretty, Pam, especially that gorgeous orange poppy! I love that little enamel pot <3, your double Adirondack chair and sweet little painted table. Everything looks so nice. The view from your veggie garden patch is so pretty - I don't think I've seen that view before. Everything is so lush! Love seeing the bluebird, hummer and swallow. A little bit of paradise there all around you. I am so sorry to hear about your friend Vee's husband - so sad. I hope you get some sunshine so you can enjoy that beautiful deck! Take care xx Karen

  23. truly sorry for your friend's loss. bless her...

    beautiful colors - both growing and flying.

  24. Your yard is beautiful! Congratulations on the bluebirds! Awesome!

    Very sorry to hear about Vee's husband.

  25. Such wonderful flowers and great bird photos, Pam! Your new bench looks lovely.
    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  26. Pam, I stopped by for a visit and might sit a bit on that cozy deck. Your planters look lovely. I like seeing all that is blooming already in your gardens. Here the snow is melting slowly - finally my gardens are uncovered and the perennials are green and growing. I planted pots yesterday and hope that the danger of frost is past. A Mama Junco is incubating her eggs in a nest she built in a wreath on our back deck. We're trying to give her space and not frighten her - we even tiptoe past the window so she doesn't get frightened and leave the nest!


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