Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, July 11, 2016

they came for a visit


    I'm back!  

Our family - daughter Jennifer, son-in-law Matthew, and 3 little grandsons - arrived two weeks ago tonight in the evening and we packed a lot of activity into the two weeks they were here.   They flew from Alberta on a big plane to Toronto then the smaller plane to Fredericton.  What a joy-full and busy time we had!

The boys enjoyed playing with our son's old toys in the dirt under the deck.

The biggest boys enjoyed riding in Grampie's JD wagon behind the lawn tractor.  (No, he wasn't mowing!  Safety first.)  Littlest one wanted no part of it.

They helped Grampie "pick" rocks in our garden.  They weren't difficult to find!!

The bigger boys enjoyed playing Missing Matchup - a favourite of Jennifer's and Mark's when they were little.  And you have to put the red markers on toes and fingers while playing.  :)

Good friends invited us over to go kayaking.  They all went but me....I stayed on shore and took pictures.  :)

We celebrated Canada Day at home.  The boys wore their Canada T-shirts and proudly waved their flags.  They went fishing for the first time with their Uncle Mark and Aunt Jenn but the fish weren't biting that day....I guess it was too hot.  Very dear friends came for a visit in the afternoon and we sat on the lawn in the shade with a lovely breeze blowing through the yard.  The water guns came out and the littles really had fun with that, along with a few of the adults.  In the evening we had a great bonfire and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores.

Matthew's parents arrived on Saturday night so joined us through the days.  They hadn't seen the family since last September either!

We all went to St. Andrews on July 4 and it was a gorgeous day there - sunny and hot.

The boys were 'mining' for treasure outside a shop on Water Street.  
 We wandered through a few shops, had a great dinner on a restaurant deck overlooking the water then went to the Block House to walk on the beach as the tide was out.  The boys had fun collecting seashells in their pails.

It was a beautiful evening!!

There was swimming in friends pools; bowling one day; visiting friends; picking strawberries; playing with Lego, cars and trucks, and vintage toys; hiking at the beaver ponds; reading stories; got lots of hugs; laughed; wiped tears and dirty little faces; and made some wonderful memories! 

On Friday we had a family reunion with those who could make it.  My sister, Margaret, flew in late Wednesday night for a month's visit with us and Thursday was the only day she would get to see Jennifer and the family as they were leaving Friday morning for home.  We had 21 here.  And it rained.  Not just rain, but pouring rain.  And it was only 12 C.  My dream of having the party on the deck and lawn under sunny warm skies didn't happen so we all stayed inside standing or sitting where we could and had a great time anyway.  One other little cousin came so we had 4 little boys playing around.  It was so great to see everyone!

One last bedtime story with Uncle Mark and Aunt Jenn.

I didn't get a lot of photos of me with the kids.  Being behind the camera most of the time has its disadvantages!!  It also makes me sad that those snapshots don't get taken but I have my memories (and I hope I don't lose them!!).  

It was a great vacation time for us all.  It was tiring (I slept through every night, which at my age rarely happens!) and noisy (I wouldn't trade the sound of children playing or crying for the world.) and we enjoyed it all.  We saw them off at the airport Friday and when we came home it was just too quiet.  How we miss them!  

For the next few weeks I'll be entertaining my sister as we visit family here in New Brunswick.  We'll do some sightseeing and hopefully I'll get to blog about it when I get the chance.  I'll be scarce on here again.

Take care and have a wonderful July.  See you soon!



  1. Oh Pam, what a wonderful time you had! Such precious memories! Those boys sure are growing fast!!

  2. Fantastic visit, so much fun and so many wonderful memories

  3. I don't think our kids think about taking family pictures the way we do. :-( What a good time you had and I'm sure you are savoring the memories, stored up until the next time you see them.

  4. Hi Pam...
    You all sure crammed it all in! I am sure the boys loved being with their Nana and Papa♥️
    Now..back to normal...whatever that is!
    They are growing like weeds...Miss V will be 4 next week! Can hardly believe it!
    Enjoy the peace and quiet...don't cry too much! I always do when she leaves...:o(
    Have fun with your sister...
    Linda :o)

  5. It sounded like a wonderful time was had by all - and now perhaps you can get some rest and just do 'sister things' which will be great fun too Pamela.

    Super pix even though I missed seeing you!
    The boys are just growing so quickly and are so cute!

    Hugs - Mary

  6. What a special time! We always say...Making memories! You'll treasure these photos for years to come. And it looks like you had FUN and nice weather to enjoy the outdoors! Have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Diane

  7. Ah. I so miss Dina and I moved as far as we did from family. We went south and east. Those who didn't stay in Texas, moved north and west. That's quite a stretch to visit. Sigh. All those kids grew up as strangers. One of my life's regrets.

  8. You really did pack a lot of fun into 2 weeks, Pamela! But it only happens once a year, boo hoo. The boys are so cute and all so different in their looks. Never a dull moment with them around I bet.

  9. A lot of fun all around! I'm sure it all went by way too quickly! I can't believe all the rocks in your garden soil. Have fun with your sister (and say 'hi' from me)!

  10. Oh I can imagine how quiet, how too quiet, it must be after a houseful of such dear guests. They sure are cute and how they have grown! When will you see them again? Not too much longer I hope.

    In the meantime, what good timing for your sister's arrival. She will help ease the loneliness I am sure. Have great fun together! (My happy crew is in your corner this week. Don't be shocked if you run into them at Kings Landing or at the Ganong Candy Factory. =D )

  11. How wonderful for you . . .
    Busy, noisy, joyous, perfect . . .
    Two weeks . . . . like I said . . .
    How wonderful!

  12. Sounds an awesome time! Glad it all worked out.

  13. OH my - what fun. I love the tractor and wagon shot - and the boys with their Canadian flags and shirts - just a perfect pose of all of them. I know how they are missed when they go back home. Last year at this time our son, DIL and grandson Donnie were here from West Virginia. Today we talked to Donnie (he is 5 now) and when he was done talking to us he asked if we "would like to talk to our son" - and gave the phone to his daddy. That cracked us up.

  14. Oh Pam, such a happy post! The three little boys are adorable, and it looks as if they had such a good time. They'll remember this always. I'm rarely in pictures either, but I know I should be. We have to work at getting others to take our photos, right? (Even though I'm not fond of being in the picture.) Wonderful memories!

  15. Lovely post and photos . I am glad all had a good visit and looks like so much fun . Wagon rides by tractor are soo fun . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  16. How wonderful! I agree with you about the sound of children. I especially love the photo of the kids and their flags!!😃

  17. Such a wonderful time spent with your sweet grands and family - precious moments captured! Sounds like you had some real fun times together....I am taking notes as a new Grandma. Have fun with Sis, too! So nice to have family around. xx Karen

  18. What a wonderful time you had! It sounds like great two weeks with family and friends, and having the grandsons around must have been pure bliss. These will be beautiful memories for everyone.

  19. Oh my, such adorable grandsons! Next time you must get in for photos.
    Blessings for a refreshing visit with your sister.

  20. Two weeks with family! How precious! And the grans are so adorable, you must have loved every moment with them.


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