Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Friday, September 30, 2016

a perfect fall day

September 30 started out like this ~ foggy ~ but it turned into a gorgeous sunny day with a temperature of 17C.  A perfect fall day.

I was even up before the deer were.  There are 4 deer, one antlered, hanging around the fields behind us lately and this morning I watched them get up from sleeping in the long grass.

About 9:30 it looked like this out front so I did a bit of editing on this phone snapshot.

This afternoon I went for a walk and decided to go down through the nearby orchard.  I just couldn't stay in the house on such a beautiful day.  It was lovely and quite warm down there out of the breeze.

They grow pumpkins there too.

The sun-dappled road through the woods to the next orchard.
I caught a golden leaf mid-fall in the centre of the photo.  :)

Look at that sky!

Wild grapes growing on the fence.

Loaded apple trees.

You can see that the right side of this row has been picked off.

The orchards will be busy this weekend with pickers and the weather will be great.  Do you get out to pick your own apples or other fruit?  It is a great way to get out and enjoy nature's bounty with family or friends.  I sure wish I could take our little grandsons apple picking.  We'd have so much fun plus they have a lovely play area for the children and a large corn maze at this particular orchard.  

I hope you all have a great weekend and can enjoy some of nature's beauty in the outdoors.  Thanks for visiting.



  1. oh, I'm ready for the weekend...and some hiking.

  2. Great fall days here too, and the orchards are busy. We've taken our grandson picking apples the past two years, but now they're in B.C.!

  3. We are heading to a pumpkin patch this weekend, Pamela.
    You're fortunate to have the orchard within walking distance!

  4. Looks like wonderful weather, over on the other side of the world our weather has been a bit crazy lately.

  5. Love your Autumn header Pamela - makes me realize I'm far behind with decor for this new season!
    We are still busy getting life together after the Kenya trip, and will be away again shortly, so I'm not doing much around the cottage! Today is supposed to be lovely after torrential rain yesterday so I hope to get out for a walk later, and perhaps shop for at least a few pumpkins. I did bake a pumpkin bread yesterday!

    Happy weekend - it looks beautiful up your way.
    Mary x

  6. I am hungry for blue sky days . . .
    We have been in rain for about ten . . .
    So I enjoyed your blue, red, sense of fall immensely!
    Happy Autumn Pamela . . .
    (Send me a few blue sky days, please!)

  7. Lovely photos . It has been rainy and chilly here since Thursday but as of Tuesday it looks to be sunny and warm for the best part of the week here . We have a few local orchards that travel about buy horse and buggy selling their apples from door to door and boy are they YUMMY ! and it is fun to see the horse and buggy to . We like to get out on sunny fall days and go for walks or hikes with Miggs or just be outside in the yard . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  8. Lovely fall colours in the leaves, the pumpkins and the apples. I love how Nature uses all the colours from the crayon box to make gorgeous scenery.

  9. a perfect early autumn day. beautiful images.

  10. Pam, always love your photos. That first one is especially beautiful. Love this time of year..Happy Fall..Judy

  11. A wonderful walk on your perfect fall day, Pamela. I've never picked apples, but we're enjoying fall's bounty in the grocery stores. Love the photos.

  12. Looks like a wonderful day, Pam! Love seeing the morning mist, the deer, and the gorgeous orchard with the grapes and pumpkins. I picked apples from my two mini trees - a bumper crop this year. Maybe next year your grandsons can come to visit in the fall.....Sending hugs xo Karen

  13. What lovely colours! I love the pumpkin-coloured fog in the first shot.

  14. Wow, what a lovely walk, and so close to your house too! Do you put up apples for the winter? Those lovely red delights looked so yummy! And wild grapes too, wow! I enjoyed the walk with you... I agree, I wouldn't have been able to stay inside either!!! Hugs to you today :)


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