Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

beautiful fall is making an appearance

The shadows are lengthening even in the daytime these mid-September days as the sun is lower in the sky, although the above photo was taken early evening.

We walked past the old painted barn and you can see how long my shadow is as I stopped to take the photo.  The daylight hours are getting much shorter now.

This will be about the extent of my fall decorating.  I have a few gourds and some hydrangea blooms out but that's it as our renovations are starting this week on the outside of the house.  I had to remove anything that was on the outside walls of every room as the contractor will be ripping off siding and nailing on new siding.  Can't have pictures etc. falling off the walls can we.  Everything will be covered with plastic drop cloths to keep the dust at bay as well.  Oh it will be a worthwhile mess I'm sure!

Some of the local farms are getting all decked out for fall.  This is an egg producer.  Do you see the big chicken made from giant marshmallows wrapped hay bales?  

Here is a close up of the chicken after it got its 'angry bird' eyes painted on.  Note the brown eggs it laid.  lol 

The lower branches of this pear tree were loaded like this.  Aren't they beautiful?

Margaret and I picked some Paula Red apples a week ago.  Tart and tasty!  The apple crop will be a good one this year as the trees are loaded.

A display at the orchard stand with a really cool table made from an old door....including the doorknob!

The view out over the orchard and across the valley.

One afternoon last week Margaret and I went for a walk along the trail that follows the St. John River.

Down by the St. John River.  This is the farmers ferry that takes tractors etc. across to the island where the local farmers have crops.

Look at that gorgeous blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

The trail.  It used to be a railroad bed.

"Shooting stars" at sunset.  :)  There were lots of jet contrails that evening.

The full harvest moon rising over the St. John River valley on Friday evening.   It was spectacular!  

On Saturday morning Murray and I went to a little country market and I bought 3 cupcakes.  I had one for breakfast with my tea that morning when we got home.  That's okay....right?  It was really delicious!  

My sister has now gone home.  Thank you so much for your well wishes for her.  The house is quiet and my road running has stopped.  We have been doing things together all summer except for the 2 weeks she spent with our sister.  It is strange not to have her here but I am so grateful that she got home to visit and that she was able to fly back to her home in BC after all her eye problems this summer.  We had some great times even with the stress of her eye issues and we had a lot of visits with family which is what she wanted to do.  I somehow doubt she will fly home again.....which means I will go to her if I'm able.  I'm glad Murray likes to fly too.  

The first official day of fall is on Thursday.  Are you ready for it?
We are still enjoying some lovely warm weather but I'm sure a change is in the wind before too long.  The trees are starting to fade and will soon be beautifully coloured in their autumn attire.

Thanks for visiting today.  Enjoy the rest of the week.




  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the big chicken and the pumpkins! I'm glad your sister made it home.

  2. Hi Pam, if all you had were apples, pears and a few pumpkins thrown in that would be the most beautiful autumn display. You have such lovely trails to walk and glad you had a good time with your sister. Looking forward to Thursday..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. Your harvest moon is stunning!!! Such a beautiful sight.
    How long will the renovations at your house take? I hope you don't have to live weeks and weeks on end in plastic. I do like your fall decoration - pumpkins is all that it takes. I love fall, it's my favorite season, and I'm ready for it. However, it is quite hot here. The next couple days will be cooler before it heats up again for the weekend.

  4. What lovely photos of your emerging fall. I think that cupcake was the perfect treat. I hope your renovations go well. I'm sure glad your sister had the opportunity to visit.

  5. Oh that harvest moon! Stunning and spectacular. So happy for your sister...I am sure that she had a warm homecoming.

  6. Yes, summer is pretty much past... Sigh. Fall is upon us. Great photos, as always Pam. So glad to read that your sister made it home safely. I have been wondering about her, after our chat last week. I'm sure you miss her, but good to know she didn't have any further problems.

  7. That is a angry looking chicken I'm not going to buy her eggs.

  8. Beautiful fall pic's! So glad that Margaret was able to fly long last. Things will seem very quiet over there without her. Who knew you would have so much 'sister time' this summer? Sounds like it was a most memorable time for you both.

  9. Your photos Pam remind me of how beautuful fall is . . .
    Lovely photos capturing the colors and hues . . .
    Happy your sister is back home, eye problems better and that you enjoyed her extra days with you.
    Happy new house siding . . .
    (Wishing you no dust!)

  10. Looks like beautiful weather down your way. Same sort of 'feeling like fall' here, cool mornings, heavy dew, the apple harvest is starting. I love that crazy chicken!

  11. What a great way to spend your summer with the company of your sister. I'm sure you are going to miss her! Beautiful pics . I'm looking forward to fall especially the cooler days.

  12. Are you kidding? I'm never ready for autumn - I always want more of our wonderful summer weather. We are starting our rainy season - it comes slowly - a few days of rain - a few of bright blue days with puffy clouds - more rain - until it is mostly rain and less sunshine - but we are used to it and expect the rains and plan for them. Lots of baking and indoor projects as the rains beat against the windows and we dream of spring. Your photos are wonderful - what a glorious time for your sister to visit. The little ferry is interesting - do they let people go across just to visit the island? Apple and pear trees are great- we've had a big harvest here too - now to get some picked and start on my apple butter for christmas gifts. Enjoy your week.

  13. Lovely photos. We don't know what fall is here in Tampa. I have to live vicariously through my blogger friends. For the record, we only have seasons hot, and less hot.

  14. I'm glad your sister is better and able to return home to her family.
    Visiting a pumpkin farm is so much fun! I've never seen a chicken hay bale before, it's so cute. Your fall photos are beautiful. I always love seeing were you're hiking!

  15. Beautiful shots! Fall is settling in here too.

  16. Hi there sweet friend! I've missed you. I know it was nice to have your sister for so long but I'm sorry for all the problems she had. Love your photos of the sky with the contrails and that big ole chicken! It's nice you are getting the work done now. You'll be ready for the winter months ahead! Sweet hugs, Diane

  17. Lovely scenic views around your place Pam. We're still kind of hot here (high 20s!), but it seems the humidity is less at long last today. The only fall colour I see is on my burning bush ... not quite on a full 'burn' yet. We do some biking on old railroad beds here. They're great for that since they're so level. Don't you just love September?! I like that shot of those apples against the blue sky.
    I'm glad you had such a nice time with your sister. She must have been comforted to be with family with her eye issues. My brother lives in BC too, and thankfully, he's the one that continues to fly home to us quite regularly.
    Best of luck with your home improvements. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  18. Wonderful autumn photos, Pam!
    I don't know what is more beautiful, the lovely scenery, the delicious fruit, or the gorgeous skies... It's surprising to see that such a big chicken lays so small eggs! :)
    I hope the renovation will go well and wish good health to you and your sister.
    Have a lovely upcoming weekend!

  19. Wow, the harvest moon was really spectacular for you! It was white here... I loved the picture you got of it, and the shooting stars too, amazing pictures! I love your new blog header, such a lovely welcome to fall! The delightful trail along the river looks wonderful, and so neat to see those little ferries for the tractors. I love the clear blue skies of fall, so delightful! Our days have been very cool here, and the color change is happening quite quickly. Winter's breath is not far away! Thankful your sister made it home, and that you did get to have such a nice time with her! Hugs to you today, enjoy the first day of fall :)

  20. A wonderful post and photos . Still a bit humid during the day here but nice and cool for the evenings over night and early mornings . I see the land and trees changing now . Happy Fall to you both . Hope the reno goes fast and smooth for you both to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  21. Hi Pam, lovely photos you have shared....the painted barn, beautiful views of the river and the rising moon and the great farm stand with the giant chicken. So nice to spend time with your Sis and family. I'm sure you have so many wonderful memories. I don't envy you the renovation time, but hopefully you can get away from the dust and the noise regularly. I'm sure it will be well worth all the trouble, though. Hugs and Happy Fall! xx Karen

  22. Wonderful shot of the moon and lovely autumnal feel to your photos.

  23. Beautiful photos of the beginning of Fall. I'm so glad Margaret got home safely. I'm sure you and the family were concerned for the whole flight. It is quite the journey. Have a good weekend.

  24. Wow! Awesome photos, love that giant chicken :) The moon was amazing wasn't it?
    Autumn Blessings,

  25. your beautiful pics warmed my heart with soothing effect ,have a happy autumn dear

  26. I'm so thrilled that fall is now here!!! Just wish our days would FEEL like fall!!
    Atlanta is always way behind!! Your pictures are lovely!!! Makes me *sigh*!!
    One day soon ; -))

  27. Fall is beautiful out your way. Those blue skies are just wonderful. I'm glad Margaret made it back home after her extended stay in the east. Hope the renovations go well for you.


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