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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

the days are moving along

The lane at dusk last week.

Here we are into the first week of September already.  The official summer is over as schools are back in and the yellow buses are back on the roads everywhere.  Vacations are over too.....unless you're a senior or retired and enjoy traveling in the cooler fall months.  The weather is changing to a more fallish air some mornings and nights, the leaves are slowly fading or turning colour on the trees, and the apple orchards and farms are busy gathering in for the end of the season.

I'm sharing some photos of goings on around here the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy.

Good Morning Glory!

Horse Power 


Foggy mornings

Downtown Fredericton on a recent Saturday

Chocolate zucchini cake.  Yummy!

Beautiful sunset on the water.

Walk at the beaver pond trails in Mactaquac Park.  This one was in the evening and the light was beautiful.

The lowering sun shining through the trees along the trail.

We even saw a beaver!!

So peaceful.

The Mactaquac Marina in the evening.

Another day, another hike, another trail.  We followed underneath the 'Treego' zip line that goes through the trees in Mactaquac Park.  We couldn't see them at first but it was like there were Ewoks (remember them from Star Wars?) running through the treetops talking and laughing.

We finally had a bonfire on Sunday evening.  It's been either very dry with fire bans on, or too windy to have one, all summer.  The only other one we had was July 1.  Needless to say we had a lot of very dry brush that burst into flames.  Thankfully it was a warm and calm evening for one.

A gorgeous sunset from our backyard.

We are enjoying some very balmy tropical weather this week with temperatures in the mid-upper 20's with high humidity that makes it feel like well into the 30's.  I rather like it as I'm pretty sure this will be the last of our true summer weather unless a tropical storm comes up the coast later on.  

My sister is still here.  She hopes to leave next week once she gets the ok from her eye doctor.  It's been a long haul and she is very anxious to be home.  Prayers much appreciated!

Thank you for visiting today.  Hopefully I'll be back on track soon to post more often and to visit you.  Life has been interesting (to say the least) this summer and I feel like it has gone by too fast with way too much stress.  But, I'm grateful that I have my health and family and can find some joy in each day.  

Take care.



  1. Awesome photos! Bonfires are fun, same here in Nova Scotia - a fire ban and even a ban from woods walks. So nice to have those lifted!
    This summer just flew by for me! I hope we have a nice long fall.
    Always enjoy your blog!

  2. Pam, such great photos to share with us today. Love the colors, and we in Texas are definitely ready for fall. Still in the 90s this week!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your sis is doing better, Pamela.
    Your weather sounds like ours was a week ago, we've had cool nights now here/
    I love the hydrangeas, they're my favourite flower. Is that bush a snow ball hydrangea?

  4. No disappointment with these beautiful photos! How fun to be able to have a bonfire! I'm sure your sister wants to be home but it's so nice you could have her there while she dealt with her eye. I hope you have a lovely fall to enjoy.

  5. It's always quite remarkable to see what beavers are capable of!

  6. Gorgeous sunsets and beautiful pics from the beaver pond! I hope your sister is doing well at this point.

  7. Oh your poor sister! She must be eager to be home. I just hope that she doesn't become a homebody as a result of this summer's events. You have been a wonderful support to her, Pam. What would she have done without you?!

    Your photos are stunning. Have to say that the "Ewoks" startled me. I said, "Good heavens! What is that?!" Ha!

  8. Wonderful photos . It is hot and very humid here again 36C feels like 43C I cant take it any more have had enough of the humidity and hardly any rain seems to all go around us this year , I am so looking forward to fall fresh cooler air . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Life has been an interesting rollercoaster here too this summer! But it's nearly over. Very nice selection of pictures you have (including that chocolate cake).

  10. Loved all these photos Pamela! Nothing beats getting out and about in the fresh air. . . . . .
    Hope all goes well for your dear sister, can imagine how much she wants to get home even though I'm sure she's loved spending time with you. Tell her I'm pulling for her - and safe journey.

    Hugs - Mary

  11. Beautiful photos, Pamela. The one with the beaver pond and the light is so very striking. I'm glad your sister's eye is improving so that she can return home. What a long summer it must have been for her. And you. I hope that autumn brings more calmness into your life.

  12. Pam, all the photos are gorgeous! I think we had much the same sort of summer, stressful at times, went by way too fast and dry. I can't imagine doing the zip lining through the trees, wow, that looks like fun. Yes, I remember the Ewoks very well, my late Shih Tzu, Teddy, bore a strong resemblance to the furry characters. We've finally had our first bonfire of the season last week too, hard to believe it's almost over for another growing season.

  13. Hi Pam. We haven't visited for awhile. Life does get busy even if you are retired, doesn't it? Your photos are so gorgeous as usual. I grew on by the beach and just learned to hate fog, but seeing it over a meadow is wonderful, the beaver pond, the fire pit and all your sunsets are just frame worthy..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  14. Love the sun across the woodland trail! So peaceful. And what a great bonfire - I want to have one soon too. It's been so dry and windy here on the Island that it really hasn't been safe to have them

    Hope all goes well for your sister and that she makes it home soon!

  15. Wonderful images, Pam, that do conjure up a picture of the changing year. Beautiful looking part of the world. Parts of the UK have been enjoying similar temperatures to yours recently, though I suspect a plan to avoid the NW where we are. That said, we had full-on sun for a fact-finding mission to the east the other week. All the best to you and yours.

  16. You captured some beautiful moments Pam. Love the sunset over the water. The shot of the horseback riders brings back fond memories for me of riding our horse with friends along country roads many years ago. People were always stopping to take our pictures too ;)
    I hope your fall is a little more gentle on you. The temps have started dropping here just in the last couple of days. I believe autumn has arrived.

  17. Oh I just love your photos, so beautiful and a lovely countryside too...
    Love from Titti

  18. Hi Pam, it's always a pleasure to visit - your photos are so wonderful! Amazing sunset and beautiful countryside. Such a thrill to see the beaver dam and beaver, too. Your summer has been busy, my goodness, but lots of wonderful memories for you to ponder when that old North Wind is howling this winter. Summer always seems to go by faster than any other season. I always look forward to fall with its slower pace......Sending prayers for Sis. Hugs xo Karen

  19. So much beauty wrapped up in one post! So happy to visit with you dear Pam, and all the delightful photos you shared! Sunsets, hikes, bonfires, marinas, fog... all of it! Love it all, and I understand what you mean about the summer and where did it go! Our summer has gone, fall is firmly here, and I suspect winter is already hiding in the shadows! I hope that your fall settles down for you, and things get back to a normal pace, whatever that is, lol! And will be praying for your dear sister, so hard to have trouble with your eyes! Hugs to you today dear friend! :)


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