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Thursday, October 13, 2016

a fall drive to St. Andrews by the Sea

Last Friday was sunny and quite warm for into October and as Murray had the day off to make a 4 day long weekend (Thanksgiving) we took a drive to St. Andrews by the Sea.  Most of you know it's one of our favourite places to visit and this would be my 4th trip there this year.  The fall colours were so beautiful and we marvelled  at the beautifully coloured trees along the way there and back.   This is a lengthy photo-filled post!

Not far from our house we stopped at a boat launch area along the river and I took some photos of the colours.  The water was like a mirror and you can almost see the 'heat' in the air as it was a bit hazy.  It was 24C and hardly a cloud in the sky.

There were some Canada Geese in the little cove next to the shore but we startled them so they swam out.  The water was really low so there was a nice beach to walk on.

Looking across to Mactaquac Provincial Park.  The water appears to be quite shallow here but drops off a ways out.  It is over 100 feet deep in some areas.  The head pond is formed behind the Mactaquac Dam on the St. John River.  This part of the river was the Mactaquac Stream - a very small stream between a ridge and a sloping hill.  Hard to imagine today.

That is the Mactaquac Dam in the background.

We left there and headed on the road through Harvey, a small rural community and we stopped for a light lunch at the Westphalia bakery/deli/cafe.

Our next stop was another small area called York Mills.  It is well known, especially if you are a knitter, for producing yarn at Briggs and Little Woollen Mill which has been in business for 100 years.  There is a small dam on the Magaguadavic River (there is also a lake by that name) so we stopped there for photos.  It was gorgeous!

This is all that remains of the old mill that was here years ago.

This is the ravine where the waterfall from the dam runs down.

When we got to St. Andrews we stopped at Tim Horton's for Iced Capps and pumpkin spice donuts and ate at this picnic table near a church.  It was a pretty spot to rest a bit before we went downtown.

The town square in St. Andrews by the Sea.  
The view has changed since we were there last.  Do you see the chain link fence behind the stone archway?  There used to be a historic building there where Cottage Craft was located on that spot.  The landmark shop operated there for decades and sold beautiful hand knit wool items.  They were famous worldwide for their sweaters etc.  My sister used to knit for them and I still have a sweater she made for me from their yarns.  Sadly, the Cottage Craft  building burned to the ground, or I should say the water as it was built on piers over the water, earlier this summer.

I took this photo in August 2012 from almost the same vantage point.

This was the building in 2014 which had been closed for a couple years as it was derelict.  The owners were trying to do repairs to the building for the past few years.  I'm not sure if they'll rebuild.

The view from the wharf.

Along Water Street.

This is the Treadwell Inn.

And this is the deck and view behind the Treadwell Inn.

The Greenock Church is a beautiful building that was finished in 1824.

We drove out to the point where there is a large campground on the water.  We often park here and walk on the beach but the tide was up so I got out to take some pictures while Murray had a doze.  :)  I realized we knew the couple in the car next to us so they got out and we all had a great visit.  While we were talking this guy on one of those paraglider things flew up from the other side of the campground and along the road and water.  He flew right up the beach not 20 feet in front of us!!  Then he went around the point to the harbour side of St. Andrews.  He came back about 10 minutes later and put on quite a show for us.

Note the ribbon behind him in this shot.  He landed long enough for someone to hook it on to the frame then he took off again.  

This photo is of a whale watching boat returning to the harbour as it passes the historic Pendlebury Light.  Well, it was time to eat supper so we went back to Water Street.

We ate our supper on this patio at The Red Herring on Water Street.  I couldn't believe how beautiful it was outside at 5:30.  It was a rare moment in our fall season and most enjoyable.  I had a lobster roll with sweet potato fries.  Yummy.  This building is also a historic one and once was a lovely gift shop called The Sea Captain's Loft.

I got this cell phone photo as we were driving home.  This is looking east with the sunset glow spreading all around us and the moon shining over the barn.

A last cell phone shot as we crossed the dam toward home at the end of a beautiful day.

On Saturday we went to Kings Landing Historical Settlement in the afternoon and I will share my photos of that in my next post.
Stay tuned!  

Thanks for visiting and your comments.  It's always good to hear from you.  



  1. Pam, You are blessed to live in relatively close proximity to such a beautiful area. I so remember the vibrant colors of New England when we visited over the years. No photos can come close to catching the magnificent colors. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Your fall is beautiful, Pamela. I like seeing all your variety of deciduous trees turning. The sunset was a pretty end to the day.

  3. Stunning!! Wow, Pam, I LOVE the pics of the trees on the lake! How charming are those store fronts and sidewalks! What a beautiful excursion St. Andrews by the Sea is - whatever the season, although, I have to say, autumn is amazing!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. What a gorgeous place, Pam. I really enjoyed all of your photos. Such a shame about that building burning down. Hopefully they will rebuild. Your supper looked delicious. xo Laura

  5. Pamela . . . your photos are stunning . . .
    Color and clarity perfecto . . .
    I like the fall colors right like they are now . . .
    Some of them moving toward peak, yet the mix of deep green . . .
    So beautiful . . .
    We are on our way north to see some of Michigan color . . .

  6. You sure got a beautiful day for your visit! Four times in one year - lucky you!

  7. Oh I nearly squealed when I saw scenes I know well. We used to shop for yarn every year at York Mills. My grandmother loved to hook rugs...latch hook...and talked me into purchasing the yarn and pattern and paraphernalia needed. I loved that rug! Big old sunflowers. I am sorry to learn about the historic building that burned at St. Andrews. Always sad when such a great, old building is lost. Gorgeous photos, Pam, as always!

  8. What a beautiful day and lovely lovely pictures too...
    Have a great friday, take care!

  9. Gorgeous shots of the water, skies and lovely autumn colours.

  10. What a beautiful day!!! Your photos are wonderful, I feel like I went with you. Westphalia bakery? That sounds really good... are they from Germany originally? I imagine delicious dark whole grain bread.
    What a shame about Cottage Craft. It sounds like a place I would have enjoyed - I always enjoy knitting places.
    I loved to see the images of the paraglider. My husband used to paraglide before we met but stopped after we had out daughter. I never encouraged him to pick it up again since he had an accident very shortly before we started dating.

  11. Beautiful captures, and your header is stunning! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  12. Your photos make me long for New England and especially Maine. Your Fall colors are in full force while ours are to turn mainly in the next two weeks. Have a wonderful weekend. Your journey was fantastic. Carol

  13. Awesome photos . Looks like a great day was had by both of you . Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  14. Beautiful Autumn.. love the pictures...

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  15. Your pictures are magazine worthy Pam! Just gorgeous! Loving all the amazing colors and hues that you are enjoying this year! I really enjoyed your ramble down to St. Andrews, and oh, you made me hungry with the sight of that lobster roll! So sad that the building burned down, hopefully no one was hurt and they can rebuild. Your drive home was lovely too, loved the last shots of the day. Such a beautiful visit with you today :)

  16. Well, first of all, Pam, while all the sites and sounds and food look delightful, those views are just magnificent...beautiful Fall pix...and to be by the sea this time of the year must have been wonderful!...:)JP

  17. How beautiful - both the countryside and the town! I love the steeple on the church! You have some nice colors there!

  18. Such gorgeous photos, Pamela. I especially love those ones of the white house and the autumn foliage reflected in the calm water. Stunning! Your photo of the lobster roll had me craving one of those! What a lovely outing.

  19. 24C in October - sounds good!
    Once more you have shared photos that are almost incredibly beautiful. I'm mainly speaking of the nature photos, but the lobster roll photo is lovely too. :)
    The last photo tells everything. It was a beautiful day and it's good to be back home when the evening sun goes down.
    Have a happy weekend!

  20. it looks like a great long weekend! beautiful color, that still, smooth water... great reflections, too! beautiful.

  21. There is such beauty in Autumn and no better place to capture it than by water with the reflections. Yummy Timmie's treats!


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