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Friday, October 28, 2016

the ending of the colours

Last week we had some gorgeous warm and sunny days for almost late October.

This is what our maple trees looked like last Monday, October 17.  

And here they are on Tuesday after three days of rain and wind.  One good thing is that the wind blew most of the leaves across the road and into the ditch!  :)

I took this photo during the rain on Saturday when it was a balmy 19 degrees Celsius.  On Sunday we woke up to 5C and a gusty southwest wind.  I don't know how a wind from that direction can be so cold but it was!  

The burning bush is burning up this year.  I love the variegated leaves in green and dark red too.

A plant growing in the crotch of the tree.

On another tree which has a lot of decay on it I found two clusters of mushrooms like these growing in a crack.  We really need to take that tree down.  It's the one with the leaves still clinging to it and I hate to part with it but half of it is dying and could break off.

This is our Manitoba Maple tree in the back yard edited in Picasa.

The same tree as above stripped bare from the weekend wind and rain. 

Sun dabbles in the valley.

Its looking rather drab these days.

Crow in the lane.

Leftover colours show against the starker bare trees.
I think this is pretty well the end of the fall colours for around here.  It won't be long before we have some white on the ground.  
How are the fall colours in your neck of the woods?


I hinted a while back that we are having some work done at our house.  Well progress is being made and we have 3 sides of the house and garage clad in new siding and two brand new windows added to the south end of the house.  These let in beautiful sunshine and light and will also create a lovely air circulation through the house in the summer months.  Our siding was just white before so this warm khaki shade is a nice change.

The next phase is in the works with a mudroom/entry being added on the front of the house.  The contractor is here today getting the roof and entry closed in before the rain starts this afternoon.  I kind of wish we'd done this early in the year as the weather was so nice but contractors are so busy.  I'll share more when it is completed.  You'll have to wait in suspense until then....and that may not be for a few more weeks!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.  



  1. Beautiful fall colours! We are past the peak period, and a good many leaves are on the ground. We had snow yesterday afternoon. It'll probably be gone by day's end here.

  2. Wow what beautiful color, and how fast is is leaving! Ours has just arrived, and not yet fully but it's changing faster now. We still are having unseasonably warm days mixed in with cool mornings. I really like your new house color.

  3. Beautiful photos! I'm laughing about the leaves ending up in the ditch! Good for you, huh? The house looks very nice!

  4. I think this year was one of the best for colour from Ontario all the way east to you Pam. Without any grass the leaves pack around my plants and shrubs offering extra insulation against the cold of winter.

  5. Wonderful new siding. It looks very smart!

    The foliage here is two weeks past peak. Only a rare tree here and there looks like anything. It is looking a lot like November out there.Your world still looks lovely because of those wide open views.

  6. Our color is gone too. We must have had some of the same storm without the rain. It's ok, I'm ready for the white stuff, I think.

  7. I like what you did with that Manitoba Maple picture!

  8. The fall colors are so inviting, Pam. We are not having much in the way of fall here. Temps are too unseasonably warm. It will be 80 degrees today. I'm pulling the sandals and cropped pants back out.

  9. You have somw ,tree,mendous photos Pam. Love the siding and the mudroom will be a great addition to your house.

  10. Sigh. Doncha just hate all the color Mother throws at us?

  11. You found some really beautiful autumn colour! Hope that the home improvements go well, the house colour is lovely!

  12. You photos are so pretty, Pam.. Even the drab colours look pretty.. I think you do a great job of playing around with your camera.. smile.. Your house looks great and it must be exciting to have a new piece built on... Love the new colour.. xo

  13. Great photos - wonderful color. Our color is almost gone - the maples are getting bare these days. It has been a pretty but rainy autumn so we've lost a lot of leaves in the storms - another moving in tonight - and it is supposed to last two weeks - rain rain rain rain - that is typical for the Pacific Northwest and we are ready for it.

  14. Such lovely photos. I'm always sad to see the autumn colours go...

  15. It does seem rather depressing when the last of that surge of colour is over. The trees look so cold now. Even so, you got some beautiful scenic shots of the valley. I like how your maple tree turned out in Picasa.
    Our trees are still hanging on, and some are still mostly green, which is not normal. A couple of more heavy frosts like we had last night and I think even the green leaves will just fall off. Enjoy your week!

  16. Pamela ~ Gorgeous autumn colors and wonderful photography ~ thanks ^_^

    Wishing you a wonderful week ~ ^_^

  17. Oh Pam...these are just so lovely. Your colors are/were so vibrant against that brilliant blue sky! We are finally getting some pretty colors here although it is not the prettiest fall in the record books. I think the hot, hot temps this summer have something to do with it...many of the leaves have dried up on the branch and everything has a burned appearance. I hope to get out this weekend and try to capture some color if I can! We have home improvements still going on too and I am hoping to have new wood floors before Christmas!

  18. We had such an incredible fall, colour wise. You've captured it! Beautiful photos.


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