Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, November 14, 2016

a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon

We got out for a lovely walk at Mactaquac Provincial Park on Sunday afternoon.  It was wall to wall blue sky and sunshine and quite mild (13C) when out of the wind.  

Our schedules have been busy with the renovations and Murray being away so much, and him trying to do yard work and clean up on the weekends leaves, little time for recreation.  Dark evenings and shorter days make for less hours to do these chores right now!

A female hooded merganser all by itself.

Blue on blue.  (Was that a 60's song?  By Bobby Vinton?)

The low sun peeking through the trees.

A nice place to sit and enjoy the view.

Green and blue.  
One of the many tall white pine trees in the park.

Man on a bench.  😉
{I found these 'special characters' and emojis in the function bar at the top of the compose page today.  How long have they been there??}

There were scores of ducks on the far shore of this pond.  Too far for a good photo.

Dried up browned ferns.

The low sun created shadow and reflections on the pond.

Speaking of shadows....

I love birch trees.

And beech leaves that hang on almost all winter long.

Happy Trails.

I didn't get much visiting in last week so will try to catch up this week.  I'm trying to get some Christmas decorating done but am waiting for the guy to come and sand the walls in the front entry so I can do a good cleaning.  Dust everywhere!!  Then we have to paint - walls, and the trim around the windows and doors.  And the floor in the entry has to be installed - porcelain tiles over in-floor heating - a two day job that requires my hubby and our contractor to co-ordinate times to do this.  Then it will be done!  We are already enjoying the space and light that the windows bring in.
I'll share photos soon.

A peek at interior of the new entry.  😀
I go down here to get some great sunrise photos now.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.



  1. What a gorgeous day you had for a walk Pam. I was out in my pj's this morning taking photos of the super moon. Thank goodness we don't live in the city :)

  2. What lovely photos of nature! Those pine trees remind me of when I lived in East Texas. Tyler to be exact. But I got divorced and moved to Tulsa where my children live.

  3. What a great walk! I don't have too many complaints about November so far either. Okay, that's just it, Murray has got to stay home for a while to get a few things done. =D

  4. Oh that blue, blue lake - so beautiful.
    Glad all is coming along at the house - next year I'm going to be facing a lot of improvements needed around here - not looking forward to all that!

    Enjoy these lovely Autumn days while you can Pam - know the colder weather will be there soon!

  5. What a gorgeous place. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy it . XO Laura

  6. Beautiful photos! I love the pond and the bare trees!

  7. Lovely shots. Looks like you had a great day for a hike. Beautiful.

  8. I think I must add this park to my list of must-see places! Looks beautiful! Of course I'd love to explore the waterways in my canoe. The water is so brilliant this time of year. It's been nice here too, around 15C for the past week and today. I took a walk in the woods this morning, and it was perfect. Your reno is looking great and I look forward to seeing the final reveal!

  9. Looks like you had a great day out there!

  10. Have we ever had a fall like this . . .
    Your photos certainly speak to the beauty . . .
    Blue skies, wonderful temps, colors of bounty . . .
    Lovely nature setting Pamela . . .

  11. Beautiful pictures Pam, such a lovely day you had exploring! I had wondered what that duck was when we were up in Canada this summer, so it is a hooded merganser, interesting! Thank you for sharing that! They are so beautiful to watch! I think your renovations look awesome, and once the dust settles you will be so thankful to have it. The in-floor heating sounds wonderful! Have a lovely week :)

  12. Beautiful pictures so different to our landscape at this time of the year.

  13. Great view from your new entry. And lovely peaceful scenes!

  14. Wonderful photos, Pam! The blue of the sky, then reflected in the water, is so incredibly beautiful and refreshing.
    I too noticed the new emoji symbol only today, haven't seen yet what can be found there. :)
    Your new entry looks lovely. Isn't it fun to have something new and beautiful just before Christmas!
    Hugs and blessings!

  15. Wonderful photos , I can just sit there for hours and take in all that beauty so peaceful . Oh your entry way is coming along great nothing like having lots of natural light and sun shine shining in the house from all angles is there ?! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  16. Gorgeous photos - love the intense colors. Have a grand week ahead.

  17. I always enjoys your photos from your little corner of our country...
    Enjoy your week Pam...
    Linda :o)

  18. How nice that you both took a break from your reno to take a nice walk. I don't think we'll have many more days with those temps. Hope you've made good progress this week, it'll be so nice to have your new space for Christmas.

  19. Your new space looks good and nice windows! What a lovely walk--glad you were able to fit it in with all you guys are up to right now. Love seeing birch trees--we don't have them down here.

  20. I read the words 'blue on blue' and the song came to mind 'heartache on heartache' and so on. But those blues in the pond bring nothing but delight. Such clear still water - just beautiful! Renovations make such a mess, but soon it will all be over and you'll just enjoy it.

  21. What a lovely day! Beautiful nature and I can feel the calmness there...
    Love from Titti

  22. Pam, I loved seeing your autumn walk; Carl and I missed ours this year for the first time in decades. The shadow of the two of you is wonderful. Gorgeous photos of the park, even when the trees are bare, I still adore autumn. I can't wait to see your renovation completed, it looks perfect already!!

  23. Beautiful images, Pam, of your walk in the park. I, too, would sit at that bench taking in that most stunning view of the water and the forest encircling it.

    Your entryway is looking lovely; the smell of fresh paint in an empty room is exciting - imagine all the possibilities!

    Have a wonderful week,

  24. i love the man on his bench shot ... what a great place to find yourself again and just relax. i noticed those emoji(s) a while back and wonder where they came from? don't see myself using them any time soon. we will see. ( ;

  25. That entry will be so nice when it is done. Your photos are amazing Pam. I am guessing you have snow now, we do. :) this is as close to an emojois I get lol. HUG B

  26. Your photos bring out the beauty that surrounds us when we really have our eyes open - even in the absence of leaves. Hope you get to enjoy that new entry real soon.

    btw - I think I read somewhere recently that Bobby V had passed away (?) but I do remember that song.

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