Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

a walk on the train bridge in winter

Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton

A week ago this past Saturday we decided we wanted to embrace winter and go for a walk where it wasn't slippery.  It was a mildish day but so cloudy and damp and raw that one had to be bundled up against the cold and/or keep moving.  

You can see that the sidewalk is not bare so one has to be careful of their footing.  I don't know how those with runners on do it without falling or injuring themselves.

The Christ Church Cathedral is opposite 'the green' along the St. John River which flows through our beautiful capitol city of Fredericton, New Brunswick.  The green is a very popular place to walk, run and bike pretty well all year around and is part of the Trans Canada Trail, along with the Bill Thorpe walking bridge, formerly the train bridge.

The Bill Thorpe walking bride across the St. John River.

It was a bit too cold to sit and enjoy the view.

Looking back down the sidewalk from the overpass.

Looking across the walking bridge.  No trains allowed.  😁

Looking down river at the Princess Margaret Bridge.  You can see that the river is open here.  It doesn't freeze over very often due to the flow of water from the Mactaquac Dam 20 km. west of the city but when it does freeze it is not safe to be on due to water movement and fluctuations.  

You can see the Westmorland Street Bridge, the only other crossing in Fredericton, in the distance.  

A pair of mallard ducks don't mind getting their feet wet or cold in the water!

Here we are on the other side of the bridge and there are a lot more people out enjoying the winter air.

Christ Church Cathedral's tall spire reflects in the icy cold river.

Fredericton's downtown isn't as pretty as in the summer, at least on this grey day.  Fresh snow on the trees would even look prettier.  

And we are back on the slippery sidewalk to the car.  Lots of construction going on downtown.  The Beaverbrook Art Gallery is undergoing a major addition which is why you see the signs and the orange structure on the right.  


You may have heard that we had a terrible ice storm here, in New Brunswick in particular, last week.  Power was knocked out to over 160,000 customers and there are still over 12,600 without power a week later.  There was so much ice on the trees and power lines that trees bent over the lines and took them down and poles snapped taking lines down as well.  Linesmen from neighbouring provinces have come to help as well as 200 troops from CFB Gagetown. We were grateful that our area of the province wasn't as hard hit with the ice and didn't lose power.  

I didn't get out for a few days so these photos are of the ice on our pergola.

You can see how thick it is on the top boards.

You can see the ice on the branches in my arrangement on the deck.

We had mild temperatures here the two days after the storm so the ice pretty well melted and fell off but in other areas the trees etc. are still coated in over an inch of ice.  

Thank you for your comments on my last post.  I did get over the dreaded 'man' cold.  So much for trying to do something healthy and embrace winter.  😜 By Thursday I was doing well and back out and about.  I hope you are all well and have avoided the cold/flu so far.

We haven't had much snow for January but tomorrow is February  and we are to get a few centimetres of snow.  The temperatures will be dropping to COLD on Friday and for the weekend.  The crust on the snow is so hard one can walk on it or even drive the snowmobile over it without it breaking through!  I still haven't gotten out snowshoeing.

I'll be back soon with some photos of the deer that have been visiting our yard.  Until then, take care.



  1. Hi Pam...
    I really like walking in the Winter too...especially when it is Sunny!
    We have had pretty decent weather here in Southern Ontario...but a lack of sunshine!! Perhaps February will remedy that!!
    Great pics of your ice storm...everyone's power back on???
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  2. Hi Pam,

    Beautiful photos of the snowy scenes, both in Fredericton and vicinity. How lovely the Christ Church Cathedral is in winter, as it must also be in all the other seasons. The icicles on your pergola really caught my eye and the chipmunk on your deck looks completely in its element!

    Glad you're back in tip top shape! Stay warm!


  3. It's hard to get over those winter colds. And looks challenging to get out for a winter walk. But you got some wonderful photos! Take care! Hugs, Diane

  4. Beautiful photos of the bridge! Great looking cathedral, too. The icicles are quite impressive!

  5. That is some serious looking ice formations Pamela. Be careful all around you and especially walking outdoors. It's so easy to fall in winter. Carol

  6. That cathedral is a beauty. I remember it from a trip through there.

  7. Beautiful scenes...I am shocked that so many of you New Brunswickers were out walking that day. You are a hardy lot! Glad that you are well over your cold. I get out about once a week and that is it. I don't even bother to fetch th mail's a skating rink out there even with salt and sand.

  8. Lovely photos . Yes NB got hit hard with ice as I have seen all over the news , glad you are all ok . Good to hear the cold is over to . I love going for walks when it is quietly snowing and when the sun is shining in the winters . We had snow falling today temps are mild but damp sunshine for the rest of the week thank goodness as we haven't seen the sun seems like forever lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. So glad you weren't hit by the power losses. And I'm glad they saved that old bridge for walking.

  10. Be careful walking around all that ice! It does make some pretty photos, tho. Take care and have a nice week!

  11. erg. You know to this Floridian, those scenes look like someplace on another planet. erg

  12. Pam, I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better now, the cold sounded awful. The bridge is beautiful; they don't make such elaborate structures any more. We were very lucky here, though we had days of drizzle, the temps stayed warm enough that no ice formed on trees. Ice storms are dreadful! I loved seeing the scenery in your post, taking hikes is one of our favorite hobbies too.

  13. That looks like a lovely bridge to walk across. New Brunswick sure did get hit with a huge ice store, glad your area wasn't one of the really bad hit ones. Hoping the hydro is back on for most of the province now. We had a few cm. of snow for Feb 1, but yesterday was sunny but cold and we had robins on the front garden.

  14. Great photos of our beautiful city on a cold grey day. Don't know about you but I'm tired of winter. It could leave anytime now, I'm ready for Spring!

  15. You have many beautiful places to walk. I don't like ice storms, but if the sun comes out there can be some beautiful images of the sun on ice. Love it in the trees. I'm glad you didn't lose power--or at least for long.

  16. Very pretty photos, Pam.. Winter is beautiful even if we have some terrible weather.. I hope we do not get a lot of snow for the rest of the Winter.. smile..

  17. Pam, that ice is treacherous but also very beautiful. You must get Yaktrax for your shoes in slippy conditions. I don't know what I'd do without mine. Glad you're feeling better.

  18. Hello Pam, you were on my mind as we watched the news about the dreadful ice storm and power outages. Glad you were spared. The icicles on the pergola look just like lace trim - so evenly space and almost delicate.
    Glad you were able to get out for a walk; there's an austere beauty to winter walks and you've captured it well.
    We may get a little snow next week - it's cold here!

  19. A really beautiful walk to go on with you, but gosh that ice! It is very thick indeed isn't it. Hope you are staying safe and warm with the weather that you have now and not having to go out in it too much.

  20. Now that brings back a few memories...of our time walking 'the green' (in the summertime, when it was green). You make the ice and snow in Fredericton look lovely!

  21. Pam, where I live in California, it gets cold, but I don't think any of us could imagine ice like you have on your pergola.! It certainly is beautiful, though, as it looks like your invigorating walk was..Happy Thursday..Judy

  22. Looks like you had a lovely walk despite the weather. That ice storm sure was a bad one. We were lucky not to lose power for more than overnight, here in Sackville. I want to go for some walks soon here - as soon as work lets up a bit!

  23. That is some serious snow! My goodness. I shiver just looking at it.
    I enjoyed this walk with you - it must be beautiful to walk in the cold and then come home, hopefully to something very warm like hot chocolate. I love your pictures of the bridge and the river.
    It's good that you recovered from the cold. Even though I work in a school I haven't picked up any cold/flu so far - I hope it stays like this.

  24. Lovely snow and ice!!!
    Easy for me to say this being in Florida right now!!
    I always feel so sorry for the animals ---those ducks must be cold and squirrels!!!

  25. I enjoyed your pictures so much! Fredericton is such a beautiful city, on the gorgeous St. John River. I loved the cold beauty in each of your photos. I think snow on the trees would make that tree-lined sidewalk simply gorgeous! That ice storm was so horrible for so many people, glad you were spared the worst of it! So sad to lose all those trees! It will be a busy year for loggers, for sure. Loved the little squirrel in your picture, so cute! Our dogs keep the squirrels away from our place, and I guess that is probably not a bad thing, but I do miss seeing them. We are getting a ton of snow today, so far about 10" I've estimated, and its still snowing, but sadly, its supposed to turn to rain later, ugh! Now that won't be so fun. It is a winter wonderland outside right now, I love it! Glad you got over your cold. Will look forward to your pictures of the deer :) Have a lovely weekend!

  26. beautiful photographs... the pictures of icicles are amazing..

    Please visit:

  27. love the bridge, icicle & the church shots ... so lovely. what a great hike ... or walk you did have. so so many. i loved it. ( ;


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