Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I'm home again

My favourite tree in our backyard.

Murray had some snow blowing to do.

We are back home from the wild west, back to our quiet house, back to lots of snow, and back to routine.  We had a wonderful vacation visiting our daughter and family and enjoyed our three grandsons who kept things very lively for 11 days.  The quiet here at home is almost deafening.  :) 

This was Boxing Day morning as we had flown out on Christmas morning so got to celebrate a second Christmas with these 3 sweet superhero boys.  The littlest one practically lived in his Captain America costume.  The other two are wearing pj's in this pic.

Superheroes need smoothies to give them strength.  
Captain America, Iron Man and Spider Man.  😍😍😍

On our second night there we went to a park to see the Festival of Lights which was so amazing.  The family went sliding on the hill while I walked and took pictures.  We'd never seen anything like this at home.

Just a small part of the light display.

And this is the sliding hill.  Magical!

One day we walked to a sushi restaurant nearby for supper in the crisp cold air.  Well, Murray, Jennifer and I walked.  The rest went in the truck as it was too cold for the little ones.  The food was so delicious and it was great to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Another day in the new year Murray and I went to the huge mall.  We love this road that cuts across the prairie farmland north of Calgary.  The views are amazing.

The Rocky Mountains are way off in the distance on the horizon.  

It was a great trip and although the kids were fighting colds and fevers we remained healthy but oh so tired.  It is exhausting being around small children for days when one isn't used to it!!  And, how we miss them!!  They keep us young and active and alert!  Those of you who have grandkids nearby are certainly blessed.  Never take that for granted.  You are such an important part of their lives and they have so much to learn from each of us.  Enjoy them!


Since we've been home (last Thursday night) we had a bit more snow added to the already 2 plus feet on the ground.  Winter is in full force here and it's been bitterly cold yesterday and today.  There is a warm front coming in tomorrow which will bring the temperatures up above freezing along with rain....not something we like in winter as it just adds to the mess, but is common....our January thaw.  

I took these next photos on Sunday morning on the drive to church with my cell phone through the window.  We'd had a fresh few inches of snow the night before and it was still snowing lightly.  

I hope to get out snowshoeing soon and maybe even on the snowmobile with Murray (when it gets repaired) and take some photos out in nature.  

Have a great week and thank you for visiting!!



  1. What a nice long visit...just the right amount of time. And I know how quiet it is when you get home. (I think I see a set of drums, another reason it's quiet now! lol) Love your snow scenes at home and one of my favorite pics is your walk to the restaurant! Stay warm! Hugs!

  2. Oh I remember the days when the grands were young and full of energy Pam, bedtime couldn't come fast enough for me. :-) We are almost to the point where Christmas morning will be a later and more relaxed event again.
    You sure went from one snowy landscape to another and I know you've been getting lots at home. Glad you had safe travels both ways and a good visit with your family.

  3. So glad you had a lovely visit. We are lucky having kids close to home and far away. We are already planning our next vusit out west. We are in the second day of snow so have stayed home and enjoyed the views through the windows.

  4. It looks like a wonderful visit, Pam. I know what you mean about the quiet after having the laughter of grandchildren! It is hard having them so far away....
    We've had a lot of snow lately too. It's either really, really cold or snowing. Have fun snowshoeing!!

  5. Really gorgeous winter white images, Pamela! Our roads looked like that with the 10" of snow and some ice but everything closed down here. :-)

    Your time with family looks like it was enjoyed by all! The festival would be something to see. We drove around looking at lights in our neighborhood (just about everyone puts them up) but didn't visit any professionally done areas.

  6. Your holiday time away from home looks like fun and very busy. I like seeing all the snow and the snow blowing. Looks cold there!

  7. Welcome home! Your daughter is so cute and your grandsons are simply adorable...all boy with their super hero outfits. Yes, boys really are active. My family had just climbed into their car when Sam hopped back out and ran a couple of laps around the yard. Apparently, that energy had to be expended or his dad was not going to drive away.

    Hope that you are able to get out and about this winter. My "out and about" is cleaning the driveway of snow. My fondest wish is getting a snowblower! Ha!

    There is quite an ice show in New Hampshire, if you feel the need to see another this year. Those pictures were really pretty.

  8. Beautiful winter shots! Nice to see you again.

  9. Im glad you are safely home and that you had a great time with your family. Your grandsons are all so handsome.

  10. The boys are very cute! You obviously had a good time! The lights are beautiful!

  11. Hi Pam...welcome home...what a lovely young family your daughter has...
    I sure understand about grandchildren...even though my Vivian is only 20 minutes away, we always treasure our time with her💕
    Before long it will be Springtime...get out and buy yourself a Kalanchoe to go with your beautiful Primula.
    Enjoy your week...horrible weather here!
    Linda :o)

  12. Wonderful photos and post . Welcome home . Glad you had a nice visit with the kids and grandsons. Our weather here is a mixed bag of all sorts right now and windy YUK Miggs and I haven't been able to get out or our walks and we both are going crazy being stuck indoors I cant wait for a break in our weather . Thanks for sharing ,Have a good day !

  13. Welcome home, Pam! It sounds like you had the most wonderful time with your family. Lots to see out there! I remember the Christmas my three little grandsons got super hero outfits. They were so cute and it was hard to get them out of those outfits too. :-) Those three are here on the Island but the other two, including my only granddaughter are out in Vancouver. We only get to see them every couple of years when they come here. My traveling days are over, I'm afraid. It is hard having some of them so far away, I know. My son and his family out west are hoping to get transferred back here to the Island. I'm praying it will be this year.
    Happy New Year, Pam! May it be a year abundant with blessings from above.


  14. Welcome back, Pam...there is no place like home. I know you had a great time with your family. The grands are so cute in their superhero outfits. I love your photos, especially the one with the brilliant blue sky and the highway stretched out ahead. The scenery is just beautiful there.

  15. Such beautiful, wintry scenes, Pam, but it really does look bone-chilling! So sweet to see those little guys in their super-hero outfits. They are cute as can be! I know it is hard to be so far away. My children had one set of grandparents here and one set 3000 miles away. It was always a treat when they would come to visit, but I know they would go home exhausted :) It is nice that now we grandparent's have social media to keep in touch. I have one grandson close and one an hour and a half away - not too far, but far enough to keep us from seeing him as often as we would like. I am grateful for my I-phone and Facebook. Now those quiet days are ahead of you, but hopefully winter will go by quickly. Take good care on those icy roads. Sending hugs xo Karen

  16. Well although I have seen many of these on facebook, seeing them in a blog post makes them all the more amazing...they are BIGGER and I like that! What a wonderful time of family celebration and ringing in the new year with those you love the most! And yes, there is absolutely no better feeling than being back home :)

  17. I'm glad you had such a good visit and stayed healthy in spite of their illnesses. There's nothing we can do about that fatigue we feel except take a nap! Beautiful images of your ride to church!

  18. glad you had a good visit...all that now is making me freeze...

  19. Welcome home! Hope you had easy travels both ways, my kids both had flight delays, with de-icing, etc. Looks like you had a wonderful visit, and fun times with your boys. They are growing so fast!

  20. Those are some cute boys! What fun you had with them. Small children are exhausting, that's for sure. The wide open prairie roads are so different from what we have here and I always enjoy the vast expanse of sky.
    Hope you are settling in well back at home, and making enough noise for the two of you!

  21. What can I say? You know how to make winter look good! It looks like you had the best time with your family! How is it that our grands are SO big already?

  22. Your winter photos are so beautiful. Sometimes I really miss snow (but not for very long, I have to admit). What a lovely time you had with your grandchildren. Yes, grandparents are very important in a child's life. My daughter saw her grandparents very seldom, but my parents tried to stay in contact with her even with a vast ocean and a continent between them. My in-laws, on the other hand, never cared very much. I think they missed out, and this is something that can't be undone.
    All the best for 2017, Pamela.

  23. Some lovely winterpictures from your! It look´s like a beautiful christmascard :)
    Always so nice visiting your blog...
    Have a happy wekend, take care.

  24. What a precious time you had with those darling grandbabies! Indeed it is a treasure to have grandkids close enough to be able to see all the time. It must be hard to see them for such a short time and then so hard to say goodbye to them too! I know what you mean about deafening silence, oh yes, it is so quiet without little ones and all their fun play. I'm so glad that you had such a good time, and sorry to hear that your weather has turned to a thaw. Your pictures of the snow are always enjoyable. It would be so fun to slide down that hill in Calgary, wow! I enjoyed your sharing of your visit with your kids :)

  25. What a wonderful time you had!! It looks as though it was all great fun. I hope that your are doing alright weatherwise at the moment. Our snow has gone now and it is raining again here. Love the pictures of the Christmas lights, they are great aren't they!

  26. Lovely photos, dear Pamela. I can't stop smiling when I see those three super cute superheroes. :)
    I hope your new year is off to a happy start. Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!

  27. Catching up with posts . . .
    What a wonderful visit you must have had with the grands, mom and dad.
    Bet home feels good though . . . little munchkins are on GO, 24/7 sometimes!
    I love fresh snow, looks like you have had lots!


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