Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

some photos from our yard last week

Incoming.....before the rain and mild temperatures came on Wednesday last week.
I haven't been far to take pictures....these were taken in the backyard....and have only been to town twice last week - on Monday and Thursday.

Lots of crow tracks all over the backyard as they scavenge for birdseed dropped from the feeders.  We have 3 regulars and sometimes they bring friends.

We had 3 days of mild temperatures, two of them were rainy and foggy, so we lost a considerable amount of snow, and what was left froze on Friday night when the temperatures dropped drastically again.

Up to their necks in snow.

Crow tracks are everywhere.

This was a fun find.  A doorknob in the snow to a....hobbit hole??
It's actually attached to our old front door which was leaning against the deck posts and the wind blew it over weeks ago.  It got buried in the snow except for the doorknob.  lol

On Friday morning as the sun was just coming up these three deer made a visit to the yard.  

You can see the ice on the neighbour's driveway and our driveway looks the same, along with pretty well everyone elses!  Murray went to the government garage near us and got some sand to spread on it.  The crows like that.  😜 Apparently, they are like chickens and enjoy eating grit for their gullets.  

We've both been fighting colds since we got home and Murray had a touch of 'something' on Monday night after his first day back to work which kept him home and in bed all day Tuesday.  It struck me on Friday afternoon - chills and the worst aches and pains, along with nausea.  Thankfully I didn't get sick and just rested.  It lasted 24 hours as by late Saturday afternoon I was feeling better.  Have you caught any of the 'bugs' going around this winter?  

We still haven't been out on the snowmobile or snowshoes.  Our snow is crusty and the trails are icy and down to dirt in some spots so we have to wait for the next snowstorm to have a good time enjoying the outdoors.  And there's none in the forecast this week!  Have you been out and enjoying winter?

I hope you have a great week and I thank you for visiting.

Take care.


  1. Some beautiful shots- the crow tracks are quite numerous!

  2. The clouds and snow all look like a great part of the whole world of white. Love the door knob in the snow...

  3. Those are gorgeous! Love the snow! Glad your illness didn't last long and you're feeling better.

  4. Lovely photos, Pam.. Sure looks like Winter in them.. The crows are amazing, eh? I read about them and the memory and such is awesome.. Hope you guys keep feeling well.. Enjoy your week. xo

  5. I'd say, more than a FEW crows!
    Look at those tracks . . .
    Wonderful pictures Pamela . . .
    No "bugs" here . . . by saying so, I hope I don't jinx it.
    I'm happy you and Murray are feeling better.
    Our weather here is much like yours.
    Like a roller coaster with very cold to unusually warm.
    I am looking forward to some fresh snow so everything looks white and clean again.
    We have had 60 mph winds which have blown twigs and limbs from all over.
    I hope you can get out and snowshoe and snow mobile very, very soon!

  6. Love the first photo of the white clouds going into the white snow! And the deer and crow tracks are neat. The doorknob? It really lets your imagination go wild! We haven't been sick but we haven't had much winter weather here. I walked at the park this morning and it was in the 70s. Take care of yourself! And be careful when you get out. Hugs, Diane

  7. So nice to see your post. Your weather sounds like ours - lots of snow and then temperatures above freezing or actual rain, and that naturally followed by ice! The never-ending round of coping with winter!

  8. odd, isn't it, that a bunch of frozen water crystals can be so photogenic?

  9. Pamela, I always love your photography; you capture the seasons with amazing skill. Our driveway looks the same as yours, a lumpy, bumpy ice skating rink, so treacherous. You've definitely more snow than we have here and now this week what little we have is all supposed to melt, too. I'm going to X-C ski to Mom's this morning for her medication visit while there's still some snow to ski on. I'm glad the flu bug was short-lived, we're on tenterhooks here, too, as almost everyone we know has been ill. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement on my blog, it means so much to me. :-)

  10. The best part of your photos Pam is the sunshine! I haven't been out doing anything - house to car and where I need to go. Freezing rain warning for Tuesday morning, figures I have a pot luck lunch to attend.

  11. Lovely photos . This winter for us has been up and down in the beginning but now we are green again mild and have had sunshine for 4 days in a row now but a freezing rain storm will be upon us come this evening and over night then it will change to rain and warm up again with sunny days once more topsy turby I say but I am liking not having any snow cause Miggs and I love to get out and about the yard and go for our walks . Hope you both are feeling better . All our birdies eat sand and pebbles for their digestion as they are all over the edges of the roads and our stone driveway pecking lol ! Hope you can get out and about more soon to nothing worse then being cooped up indoors when all you want to do is go outside . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  12. Lovely wintery photos Pam. Brrr it looks so cold (and it IS, of course!) I Love the first few sky shots. I don't get to appreciate the sky as much, where I am, as we have so many trees around. Take care, it is so icy and slippery everywhere. Hope you're both feeling better. We've been lucky so far, but we both get flu shots so I think that really helps.

  13. Lovely photos. The doorknob one is fun. Hope you are both feeling better and over that bug you had. We have been lucky and haven't had anything so far this year. Hope it stays that way. It is getting milder again this week, maybe some rain tomorrow and there is the threat of ice rain in the morning. Those weather folk like to get everyone worried. If only they would all get together and give the same forecast ... we've got a couple of different ones for Tuesday, so will sit back and see what happens.

  14. Clouds and snow lovely peaceful photos.

  15. What beautiful vistas for you to gaze out upon! And the doorknob--a curious and striking photo. I was surprised I didn't see more snow and landscape in the reflection in the knob. Our wonderful cold weather didn't last long and it is in the 50s-60s now. It even hit 80 last week briefly. I had the bug that it sounds like you guys did. The aches with the fever were something and the tummy unpleasant. Amazing how these bugs cross the country!

  16. Gosh you always have so much snow and seem to deal so well with it! It looks beautiful, but very cold. Glad you are over your ickies and that it didn't last long, let us hope it stays away for the rest of the winter too! Love the doorknob photo, that is fun!

  17. Wow! Astonishing shots. We've had a tiny amount of snow - rarely get more than a few inches anyway. It's beautiful, fun to walk in as long as you're dressed for it - but I hate driving anywhere in the snow and ice. The UK does not handle snow well.

  18. Pamela, the lines and angles in the first three photos are wonderful. That sharp bank of clouds in the sky in the first and third is so striking, and the curving driveway in the second draws the eye in and up.
    Love the whimsy of the doorknob in the snow.
    Hope you feel better soon. I got the influenza on Boxing Day and although I feel fine, I'm till coughing a little. It's a nasty bug going around this year.

  19. Love your pictures Pam, I think my favorite is the dried flower in the snow, that is gorgeous. Love the crow tracks, the deer, and the glorious sunrise too, but that ice, ick! We are getting a snow/rain/ice storm here today, and while everyone is hoping the snow will slide off their roofs, we are hoping that cars won't be sliding off the road! It is slippery and tricky out on the roads. I am hoping that we don't lose our snow in all this rain! Sorry to hear you have been bit by the "bug", sounds like a little nasty one, but glad you didn't have it too long. We have had a little bug being passed around here, but nothing to completely knock us down into bed. So thankful for that!

    Hugs to you today :)

  20. I like your idea of a Hobbit hole on the other side of that doorknob, Pam. You have such beautiful views and I really like the photo of the 3 deer. Catching up with your travels, I see that the little boys in your life are growing. All those superheroes in one house would definitely make for lively times! If it's not too late to say it, Happy New Year to you and those you hold dear.


  21. Pam, don't open that door, you may be surprised where it takes you!! Holy Cow, beautiful but looks very cold! Love the crow tracks and the deer. No matter what, it looks good to see some beauty in the world!..Judy

  22. OMG!!! it is total white!!

    Please visit:

  23. Stunning photos, Pam. Snow can be so beautiful (when you don't have to drive in it or shovel it). The doorknob sticking out of the snow gave me a good laugh!
    I could enjoy the outdoors last weekend after a week of heavy rain that kept me indoors most of the time. It was wonderful to be outside again. Fortunately so far I haven't caught any bug, but my husband was home for two days with a dreadful cold. I hope all of you will feel completely well again soon.

  24. Hi Pam,

    Hope you're feeling better. Lovely pics of the powdery stuff. I LOVE the one of the deer - sweet and serene. Enjoy your bright and beautiful views and stay warm!



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