Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

oh deer

They say two heads are better than one don't they?  These guys were nibbling on a tree conk at dusk one day a couple of weeks ago....right in our front yard!

We seem to have a deer problem this winter.  The deer are coming ever closer to our house with their tracks in the snow right up to the house and even on the front deck the other morning.

This is their buddy on the front lawn.  He saw me in the window of the entry way so stopped to pose for me.

This is another group passing through one evening.  They went on to the neighbours field looking for food.  Note that they are walking on top of the snow and not sinking.  That's because there is a 3 inch icy crust on the snow which makes it impossible for them to scratch and dig for food under it.  They are only eating from trees that are the right height for them to reach right now which probably isn't enough.

And they returned about a half hour later.

Mama and baby stopped to pose for me.  The other twin was up to the left.

That's mama and her twins on the left.  

Evidence!!  Haha!

The late afternoon sun shining on the crusty snow.  You can also see some light snow blowing across it in the wind. was cold that day.

A gorgeous sunrise.

The last day of our backyard.  Those are snowmobile tracks in the foreground.  The crust is so hard it didn't even break under the weight of the snowmobile.

Another pretty sunrise on Groundhog Day.  And no, those aren't groundhog tracks in the snow.....they are deer tracks right out side the window.  I think the groundhog was still in his burrow, or if he came out he would have seen his shadow and ran back in for another six weeks.

We had a male Hairy Woodpecker (do you see him hiding?) and a male Downy Woodpecker at the feeders the other morning.

Now there's a happy man.  Murray finally got the snowmobile repaired and running last week and he and our son went for a long drive on the trails this past Friday.  I doubt I'll be going far on it....maybe over the back hill or on a local trail when the weather warms up.  I don't have warm snow pants or boots and as they would empty my bank account of over $200.00 for something I won't be wearing much I'll hold off for now.  lol  Do any of you enjoy snowmobiling?  We have some beautiful groomed trails in New Brunswick with rest stops (minus toilets!!) and also some great businesses that support travellers with restaurants and motels, cabins, etc.  It's a big business for our province in the winter.  They call the snow "White Gold".  Weekends on the trails are very busy with traffic and if the season brings lots of snow people can snowmobile into April, especially in the northern regions of the province.

This is the third puzzle I've done since January started.  It was 1000 pieces - the largest one so far - and was challenging toward the end when I had all that green leafy tree and golden grass to piece together.  It's funny how you end up with about 12 pieces left over and 12 spaces but the pieces just won't fit.  Well, that's because I put some pieces in the wrong spot and even though they fit the other pieces beside them would not!!  Go figure eh?  But, I got them switched and it all came together quite fast in the end.
Do you enjoy doing puzzles?  

Well, it's a new week and it's still winter.  Although it's sunny today the wind is gusting and blowing some loose snow across the fields. The weather is forecasting more ice pellets and freezing rain for Tuesday night and Wednesday which is not welcome here.  There are still some power customers without power in the Acadian Peninsula part of the province and it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since the last ice storm took out power lines and poles with the ice buildup on trees and lines.  

I hope you have a great week.  Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.  I appreciate it so much. I will be visiting you and getting caught up today.  

Take care.



  1. Hello Pamela, the deer photos show how pretty the deer can be. But they can also be real pests. The ice crust on your snow is really something - so thick and firm. We are having a snow day from school today - unusual for us. There's not a ton of snow just now, but more is in the forecast, and our city is not equipped for much snow. I'm sure you've heard from your sister about the huge dump of snow that Chilliwack had (and is having). Crazy!
    Have a good day!

  2. The deer are probably coming for bird seed. I don't know if there are people in your area who feed them in the winter... I know some people put out hay for them.

  3. When we lived in the mountains hubby and I both had ATVs and loved riding them all over! You should get the clothes you would be fun! Of course going on short rides you can probably wear items you already have. Hope the deer can find enough to eat before Spring. Beautiful photos my friend! Hugs!

  4. So, so wonderful place to live there! lots of deer to observe in the nature...oh, what amazing nature!! Indeed, in winter is very cold, but to me... it is fascinating to see so much snow. In here, since 2012, it was too much time without snow everywhere. So, we have snow from january 6...still...
    I enjoyed so much your beautiful snapshots, gorgeous pictures with the mama deer and baby; also, the wintry landscapes...
    Many thanks for sharing them! Have a gorgeous week!

  5. Oh dear. Those posers.

    I have to admit to a fav foto today. #5 The stark white and near silhouettes are cool.

  6. That is really close for the deer to be venturing ... looking for food due to the icy covering on the ground perhaps. I've got a 1000 piece puzzle on the table right now, getting to the challenging bits when they all look the same. I'll probably get to work on it more tomorrow as there is ice rain predicted for most of the day.

  7. Wow, that looks so cold!! It must be horrid for the deer not to be able to eat and to have to come so close to houses, hope they get some food soon. Hope that Murray enjoys getting out and snowmobiling, too cold for me, but lots of fun for him I am sure! I used to do a lot of puzzles, but not for ages, I know what you mean about the end pieces though. Enjoy whatever you are up to staying warm.

  8. Awww...I feel sorry for the deer as it sounds like they can't forage for enough food because of the ice. We never feed them but they wander though my yard almost every day looking for something to nibble on. One day they ate all the dead aspen leaves under a pine tree in our yard, so I know wnter is a hard time of the year for them

    It was fun but also a little scary!

  9. Beautiful photos. Love the deer. Do you ever see or hear coyotes in your area.
    I heard a pack last night. I always think of the deer when I hear them. Nature can be cruel.
    Your jigsaw puzzle is awesome! My parents always did them during long, cold, winter nights.
    They'd stay up late doing puzzles, and filling the wood furnace trying to keep our old house warm.
    I'd love to do one but know Eloise wouldn't let me. She would have the pieces scattered everywhere :)

  10. One has to feel sorry for the deer, a hard crust over the snow does make it hard for them to find food. We feed the birds over winter but are not supposed to aid any of the 4 legged creatures, seems rather cruel.
    Back home is to get freezing rain again on Tuesday so I hope the power doesn't go off, or for long.
    Keep warm!

  11. you know what made me smile .. that we were working the very same puzzle. wonder if we were working at the same time? it was a lovely puzzle dreaming of spring type weather. I love the snowmobile shot. that is priceless!! a man and his toys. love your sun shots ... they really play in color wise in the skies ... just breathtaking ... sure hope & pray you enjoy them. I have been dealing with a great deal lately ... trying to remind myself (& my hubby who is dealing the work stress) that we must find beauty in the small things. an eagle visit us the other day ... i was so in awe of that moment. but didn't want to leave my seat ... so i got no pics ... but i will never forget it. have a great week!! ( :

  12. Too bad about the deer - winter sure is hard on the wild things. We just got two feet of snow last night - lost our power (but it is back now) - and I have gone out twice today to feed the birds. Lots of trees bent down and branches broken. It seems I can never get caught up with the outdoor cleanup.....I have never been on a snowmobile in my life, but it sure looks fun. My kids had All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's), as we don't usually have much snow around here. Except last night :) Those were fun, but I always stalled them. I used to do puzzles when my son still lived home, but haven't in years. I like to crochet, so that takes up these endless winter days. Beautiful photos, as always. Think spring! Keep cozy. xx Karen

  13. You make winter and cold look very beautiful. Poor deer have it rough this winter, but then deep snow is hard on them, too. Not going to invest in the winter gear? Maybe for next year! Then you could get your gear on end of season sales. I am pretty sure that you would enjoy it. What does Murray say?

  14. What a fun post! The images of the deer are fantastic. And, the beautiful sky! No, no puzzles here this year. We have three new ones down in the living room in case anyone gets the bug to open a box. My puzzles these days are figuring out new patterns for knit things.

  15. Wow, you DO have a lot of deer this year. Poor things must be finding it hard with the crusty snow. And more freezing rain on the way. Ugh. Glad Murray is enjoying his snowmobile, and you your puzzles. At least we're into Feb. now...we're getting there! Spring isn't far off.

  16. Glad Murray got the snowmobile going. I never have, but there's certainly lots of it around here!

  17. I hope those Deer find another place to eat, when you start gardening this year!
    They are darn cute, though,eh?
    you always get such beautiful landscape shots, Pam...just beautiful!
    No snow all...expecting a big freezing rain storm today...geesh...
    Hopefully nothing like you guys got in NB...
    enjoy your week..
    Linda :o)

  18. WOW! I would be in Heaven up your way, although I don't snowmobile...never have. However, I love snowshoeing so although I could not keep up with all the deer, I sure would have fun trying, Pam!...:)JP

  19. the deer are so sweet and furry. They sure must have a hard time finding food when there is a crust on the snow. Your sunrise images are quite gorgeous. stay warm.

  20. Pretty snow and deer pictures. Feel sorry for them though not being able to dig down to food. Last puzzle I did I had that happen - down to six pieces and none of them would fit. Didn't take me TOO long to figure out where I had pieces that seemed to fit but didn't.

  21. Poor deer! I know they are considered pests by some but it must be so awful not being able to find food, and in such freezing temps, too! Beautiful pics!!

    Happy Tuesday!

  22. Pam, I love your photos! The deer have been brazen here as well. Coming right up onto our porch to eat greens. They've left their trace. :) I do feel bad for them. It's been a tough winter for sure! Counting the days till spring. I do like doing puzzles, but haven't done one for a long time.

  23. Oh deer is right! I'm amazed at how our deer no longer run when they see me. I can get quite close and they just stare me down. And they seem to keep having babies. We will be overrun soon. As it is we have 8 that visit once or twice a day.

  24. How nice to have deer so close! I love the shot of the doe and fawn! Gorgeous sunrise! That puzzle looks rather challenging.

  25. The older I get the more I enjoy snow/ice from the confines of the cottage! I'm becoming such a wimp!!!! Of course I did get out in it, and on it, in Antarctica and I'd be happy to send you my big Canada Goose parka, size 10 rubber boots, and waterproof pants from that trip - but fear you be lost in them as you are petite!

    The deer are, well dear I guess. However I know they can be a nuisance in your garden. I hate to think animals, especially the vulnerable babies, are going hungry when their food supply is buried deep. You do have a lot of snow again Pamela - hope it warms up soon, although I'm sure Murray is having a ball!

    Take care on the ice.
    Mary -

  26. The first photo had me doing a double take! haha! It looks like a two-headed deer for sure until you look closer. The deer are considered pests around here. They have caused many an accident and actually almost ruined my car a few years back. We have a hard time raising a garden or harvesting the fruit from our trees because they beat us to it. But I admit, they are cute! We still haven't had more and an inch or so of snow this winter. Take care and have a nice week!

  27. What a great post, Pam! The deer are beautiful, but I hope they will never be my neighbours. I too love especially the photo number 5, it's a piece of art.
    Your snow photos are wonderful as well. We have a snowmobile but I never use it, too noisy and too smelly! :)
    We do puzzles especially during Christmas holidays. We have some of 1000 pieces, but yours is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Such lovely details!
    I hope the weather is not too bad there. Take care!

  28. I loved to rie the skidoo when we lived in Labrador- couldn't go very far though because we were on an air force base and because my dad didn't trust me to rev it up much. What fun we had though. I love jigsaw puzzles, too, but nowadays just do them on my computer. Have a great evening!

  29. Hi Pam, your winter photos are wonderful..although I am glad not to be shovelling snow..hoping spring is just around the corner.

  30. Your 'deer problem' sure looks good in photos!

    Our neighbours all have snowmobiles and are making good use of them this winter. I'm content to watch them from the warmth of my home!

  31. I cannot believe that this is the view from your window, Pam. This is AMAZING.

  32. I love the series on the deer! Wow you have so many there. They look lovely on the snow.

  33. So lovely and so cold!!!
    I wonder how the birds and deer make it with the snow, cold and ice????
    The deer don't seem to grow longer fur and those skinny legs. . . . .
    Same goes for the birds!!!
    So pretty . . . . . .from inside, looking out!!

  34. Must admit that my first though when I saw the start of your post was not 'Oh deer', but 'Too deer'? Sorry. Anyroadup, amazing shots of the creatures - and that stunning one with the sunlight on the snow. I have never travelled/ridden (or whatever) in/on a snowmobile - I bet it's fun, but as you say you'd really need to wrap up warm! Great post, Pam.


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