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Spring 2018
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

over the hill

Looking up the hill in February 2017

No, it's not my big birthday.  Yes, I've been over the hill for a few years now.  😄 This post is about going over the hill behind our house which we don't do very often.  I've shared lots of photos on here of the view behind our house year around.  Our property ends at the cedar rail fence and once in a while we take a walk up the hill either in summer or on snowshoes in winter.  A couple weekends ago we walked up on the snowmobile trail that Murray has been making this winter and didn't need snowshoes.  I did need my ski poles to help me with balance though and it was a brilliant idea to bring them, I must say.  

We followed the snowmobile trail that Murray has been making over the hill down to the river although we didn't go that far as my knee wouldn't allow me that strain.  It was a beautiful sunny day as you can see by the blue skies.

We are getting closer to the top now.  I stopped often to look around, take pictures and watch for deer.

We saw these three deer off to the far left once we got over the other side.  There were deer tracks everywhere and we also saw a group of them grazing on the next farm over.

This photo looks across the river to Mactaquac and the provincial park.  It is a long way down to the river by foot and it's also steep so you can see why we didn't walk too far.  These fields are starting to grow up with trees now as they haven't been farmed or used for pasture for decades.  We should take a walk this far in the summer to see how much the fields are grown over with brush and trees.  The view will be blocked by leaves by then.

This is a broader view showing the snow covered St. John River.  Do you see that faint tiny bump in the middle of the horizon?  That's called Harvey Mountain.  And it's not that big really....more like a very large hill.  😀

Here is a pano shot from my cell phone of the pretty clouds, the snowmobile trail and deer tracks.

I turned around and took this shot looking up the hill where we came from.  This would be a lovely spot for a house with the gorgeous view and southwesterly exposure.

As we came back up to the top on our way back I took a this photo of the bare grass, which is probably covered with fresh snow again.

We've reached the top of the hill again and are looking east toward our house.

Now, you may notice that these prints aren't deer tracks, although the one at the bottom right looks like one, so I'm thinking some sort of big cat was on the hunt.  Hmm.  There are bobcat around now and then and lots of coyotes but I'm just not sure what this track would be.  Also, the warm sun would have melted it down and made it look bigger than it was.

The 'yellow' door in the centre of the photo is our shed door.  Almost home.

Just brilliant!

Last Saturday we went for a quick run up the hill on the snowmobile.....my first time on one in years.  Since I had no helmet Murray drove really slow and we were gone for 10 minutes.  It was a hazy/sunny spring-like day.

Murray, and our son and daughter-in-law, went snowmobiling on Monday night for a few hours during the snowstorm.  They had a blast and drove all the way to New Maryland, a town south of Fredericton.  They had to cross the river two times there and back which always makes me nervous this time of the year.

I took this through the window at 7:00 pm with snow falling so it's a bit blurry.  

Our deck yesterday morning after it was snow-free for about a week.

As you see we still have lots of snow.  We got about 14 cm. on Monday and another 5 cm. last night.  As we finish off the month of March and head into April - the month of showers - we hope we've seen the last of old man winter.  

Here's some colour for you after all these white pictures.  😀

Thank you for visiting.  
Have a great day and I hope it feels like spring where you live.

Take care.


  1. You just love to make this Floridian guilty for not enjoying a hike if its below 60 degrees, don't you? (We wont have any more of those here this season)

  2. The snow is pretty and you have beautiful views to enjoy!

  3. It must be lovely to have a hill with such a great view near your home (exactly what I would like to have). Wonderful photos full of sunshine and blue skies... and the bright snow cover. Poor you, you have as much snow as we have! :)
    No spring here yet... your collage of the cheerful tulips was really needed.
    Take care!
    PS Canadian ice dancers are my favourites in the Figure Skating World Championships.

  4. It looked just gorgeous on the walk. Hope your knee wasn't too sore after the walking. The snow is gone here, finally, the birds are singing and making nests and the spring bulbs are just beginning to poke through the ground.

  5. Wow - what gorgeous views and a fabulous hike. It is lovely but I'm glad we are in our rainy season and done with snow for this year.

  6. Pam, you do have large amounts of snow but it is such a beautiful sight to look over your mountains and trails and to see all the wildlife. You really do live in the most beautiful area..Your pics are always so pretty. Have a wonderful week..Judy

  7. I'll have to say, the bright sunshine really makes the snow much more tolerable, doesn't it! Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Love the tulip shots. Hope you have a nice Wednesday and that spring comes soon.

  8. Wow your world is so full of snow Pam! I enjoy to look at it but I could not live with it. I like the shot of when you are returning home and you can see your house. It is a different world there!!!

  9. Beautiful shots! Given that tracks in snow can be altered by exposure to sun, those could be lynx tracks.

    We still have snow on the ground, but it's slowly going. Which is just as well- if it all melts too fast, you risk flooding.

  10. Look how cute you look on the snowmobile! Wow! Those are some gorgeous wintry scenes! Maybe it will cool me off to look at them. It is hot here for so early in the Spring! Hugs, Diane

  11. Pam, you are adorable on that snowmobile! A real natural. My grandsons were with me for the afternoon and they had stories of another snow event Friday night. I hope that they are full of beans. They are beautiful photos of your world and your spectacular views. Glad that you got out and about in the fresh air.

  12. Such beautiful, wide-open spaces, Pam! The views are amazing, but everything sure does look cold! Don't you look cute on the snow-mobile, too! As you had looked over the top of the hill to see the deer, I actually wondered if there were big cats where you were, and then you shared the tracks! It's all so beautiful and what fun it must be to ride the snow-mobiles, too. I do hope this is the last of your snow, though. xo Karen

  13. Obviously still winter for you! Beautiful walk though.

  14. Lovely where you live . . . you can walk, hike, snow mobile.
    And soon the snow will be gone and the trees budding
    and your pictures will turn to ones of green and bits of color.
    Wonderful pictures.
    ( I would fret a bit too of the kiddos snowmobiling across the water.)
    (It gets scary around here this time of the year . . . we are all melted here now.)

  15. Wonderful shots!
    March has been a fickle month here, nice warm spring like days then snowstorms.
    A mess here today, thankful to be home beside the cosy wood fire.

  16. Love seeing you on the snowmobile - and with all that beautiful land nearby it must be a wonderful feeling being able to get about and enjoy Nature's loveliness. Very clean and peaceful - know it's cold too though! Bob just told me there may be a lot more snow in New England today and tomorrow - hope it doesn't reach you Pamela, I think you've had more than your share lately!

    Take care - don't forget your helmet, and stay safe!
    Hugs - Mary

  17. Well that was quite a trip up the hill. Very pretty views though and spotting the deer was really neat..Goodness you had more snow. I'm hoping ours is totally over & gone now for the winter.

  18. Wonderful photos , I cant believe all the snow you guys still have WOW ! Who's ever tracks those are hope they stay well away from you and your house . Such a pretty area you live in . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  19. Smiling at your stylish white 'helmet'. The one that is not CSA approved! It looks like you are making the most of your snow! Keep smiling...spring is just around the corner!

  20. Hi, Pamela...you look cute on your snowmobile and it looks like fun! I'd love to have one to run around our back 6, but we just haven't had much snow the last few years. We've been having some much needed rain here. Take care and have a nice weekend!

  21. Hi Pam,

    I know you've been getting load of snow, as I talk to my family very often. You really know how to enjoy the snow though, going for snowmobile rides, snowshoeing and walking in it. Your views are gorgeous, the landscape populated by cute critters and you have your hubby to watch out for you, so what's there not to enjoy? Thanks for sharing and have a great wonderful weekend.


  22. Glad that you were able to get out for a short hike over the hill! Such lovely views, and what a wonderful day to be out! So sorry about your knee! Do they know what is wrong with it? I imagine it is very hard for you to not be able to do the things you like to do! You look great on the snowmobile! I would be nervous about them riding over the river this time of year too, even with all the snow. You just never know! Enjoyed the lovely happy orange faces! We have no snow left on the ground here, sure hope it stays that way! Hugs to you today :)

  23. Such gorgeous views! The snow is beautiful, although I thought you were done with it. Apparently not! LOL! We just had temps around 25 degrees (C) not long ago.

  24. Lovely pictures and so much snow! It´s springtime and flowers here in south Sweden...
    Have a great saturday!

  25. Your snowy photos are so beautiful Pam. However I am sooo tired of snow and cold, I'm ready for more spring-like weather and temps... Bring. It. On.

  26. Amazing photos, Pam. I cannot believe the amount of snow. And we don't get any.


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