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Spring 2018
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Monday, March 13, 2017

this and that from the weekend

Scott's Nursery on Friday the 10th.

Hello friends.  
There isn't much new here.  We've endured several bitterly cold windy days since last Friday.....with temperatures sitting at -18C on Saturday.....which is unusual for March, but we're on the upswing this week and there is a major snowstorm moving in on Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night.  I'm sure most of you have either heard about it or are under it by now if you live in the northern US or southern Ontario and Quebec.  

Last Friday was Murray's birthday.  He is now officially a senior citizen, albeit one who enjoys working so much he's not ready to retire just yet.  He took the day off and we went to town to run errands and just enjoy the day.  At suppertime we went to a pizza restaurant where we had invited some friends to join us for a celebration. 

That morning we went to the biggest green house operation in Fredericton, Scott's Nursery, just to get a taste and feel of spring and a tropical climate. The top photo was taken of the Primulas all in bloom.  The moist heat, colours, and greenery was wonderful for the senses after this long winter season.  I could have set a nice comfy lawn chair in there and just relaxed for a few hours but I don't think they allow that, which is too bad, as I'm sure they could make money by renting out chairs for winter weary folk to enjoy the place.  I did buy a couple of plants while there though. 

 One is an Aloe Vera plant and the other is a Mimicry Plant.  I had an Aloe Vera back in the 80's but got rid of it or maybe it died, and having read that it is very healthy to have plants in the house I decided to add a few more.  The little Mimicry plant is so pretty with its rose and lime green colours.  I may invest in a couple more of these little succulents to set in a tray of some sort with pretty pebbles or stones.

Notice the two stones?  When Murray was away for work a week ago he ended his trip with a visit to our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons in Calgary.  Yes, I was jealous that I couldn't go too!  When I was checking the pockets of his travel bag I found these two stones.  Our two older grands sent them home for me.  Isn't that the sweetest?

Do you have any succulent plants in your home?  What is your favourite?

I've enjoyed the colour of these orangey/coral/yellow tulips this past weekend.  They are gorgeous but sadly, are not lasting as long as usual.  One of the stems has 3 blooms on it!  Have you ever seen that before?

A three-headed tulip.

The buffet and hutch are decorated for spring, which is lurking around the proverbial corner, and will get some Easter touches later this week.  I like that Easter is in mid-April this year as our weather should be a bit better.  

How did you make out with the time springing ahead on the weekend?  Between that and the full moon it was not the best for me.  I'm waking too early and it is now dark in the morning again for a while.  I enjoy the longer evening light but since we can't even do anything outside due to the snow and cold it's kind of a waste of that extra hour.  We won't enjoy that evening light until May when we can maybe sit outside or do some yard work or go for a walk.  I'm looking forward to that!

A little bunny hopped out of the cabinet.

Thanks for popping by!  Maybe my next post will have some lovely snowy scenes to share.  I do enjoy visiting my southern bloggers who are having warm temperatures and enjoying spring blooms and green grass.  They make me hopeful.  
Have a super week!

Take care.


  1. Hi Pam, love all the flowers and plant. No, I have live plants inside, except when my hubby buys me a bouquet. It's cold here today, I thought spring had arrived, but guess not. I am so ready for it!
    Have a great week

  2. Love your littl bunny. I do hope you are not in the path of the oncoming winter blizzard that's all over the news today. My granddaughter planted tulips in a bucket on the porch..I am afraid she is going to have a fit when they die. :(

  3. Well, it seems like forever ago that I visited your blog! Been keeping up with you on facebook and loving all of your beautiful and colorful spring flowers and plants. I thought about you when I heard about the winter storm and was hoping you would be out of it's way. Our winter has returned too for a few days...such a strange winter it has been! Happy birthday to Murray...my Jim will has his BIG ONE in July. I will keep denying mine is coming up in the not-so-distant future! When I spring ahead, I always do it the afternoon before I go to bed. I had worked on a decorating project all day on Saturday and was literally exhausted by the time 5 PM came around so I set my clocks up and went to bed earlier than usual...worked for me! :D

  4. Those are beautiful flowers and plants! Great stones from the grandkids!

  5. The tulips are a cheerful sight! We'll see how much snow comes down here. They say twenty centimetres starting sometime in the night, but we'll see where that goes.

    I just wish they'd do away with daylight saving time.

  6. Oh I loved seeing this springy post with all the bright, cheerful colors. We are just craving color and warmth, don't you think?

  7. Hi Pam...
    You made me want to visit my favorite flower shop! Perhaps I will take Miss V on Thursday!
    Lots of succulents here...they love it outside in the Summer!
    We are snowed in...
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  8. Hope this storm doesn't cause you too much trouble!

  9. I hope that spring soon comes for you and that you can get out and enjoy it! I have never seen a three headed tulip before, or even a two headed one. Very unusual!

  10. Lovely to see some colourful flowers.

  11. Lovely! I just love the flowers. I had an aloe years ago, too. It's funny that I was just talking about it with My Honey yesterday.

  12. Aw, you made me think about the tulips my mother used to tend.

  13. Hi Pam, I bet you will be glad to see spring..hope you have a wonderful week ahead...great photos, love seeing your take on winter and your wonderful life.

  14. Hello Pam, the glimpses of spring we get at nurseries, grocery stores and on blogs like yours are welcome sights. I don't have any succulents now, but I'm redoing some of my plants and am considering them. Hope the blizzard isn't too bad for you and that spring comes soon.

  15. Hi Pam....I am here from Lois' blog after reading your comment you left for her.

    Just wanted to introduce myself [wife of one husband for nearly 49 years, a mother of two and a grandmother of two grandsons]. I too enjoy photography and mainly photographing birds.

    Speaking of succulents....we had a YARD full of them when we first retired to Tucson. Even three large saguaro cactus. Now, we roam the beaches mainly in Coastal Texas.

  16. What a pretty post on such a snowy time for us , Thanks Pamela lovely photos . Hope the storm subsides before it reaches your way you have had much to much snow there this winter . I don't have any succulents at all but am thinking of getting some , oh what pretty Tulips cant say I have seen three on one stem before very nice . I dont mind it being a bit dark in mornings for now as it will be lighter earlier soon for us but I do love the later light in the evenings though and the Robins are singing their songs . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day and be safe in that storm .

  17. Happy Birthday to Murray!! I can just feel the damp, warm climate in that greenhouse from your photo :) We have had such cold days here too, and today is sitting at -15C this morning with a bitterly cold wind. The pine tree in back is stiff in the wind (my cold indicator). Oddly enough, we didn't get much snow the past two days, only about 2 cm. West of Toronto were hit hard with about 25C (or more?), and you folks out east got hit. I'm living in a tiny micro climate I guess. You have a beautiful hutch and I like how you have decorated it for spring. Can you believe it will be spring next week?! I picked up a little china bunny at the dollar store last night, and he's sitting on my own buffet. I need to set out my spring things a bit better and less haphazard, but things are all mixed up right now. The time change doesn't do me any good either. I'd rather wake up to a lighter morning at this time of year since we don't do anything outdoors in the evening either. Plus I'm cranky for a week during adjusting! Have a great day Pam, and I hope you're not too deep in the snow.

  18. Hi Pam! I can see you sitting at the greenhouse surrounded by plants and soaking up the warmth. And invite a few friends to chit chat. We were teased by some spring weather, but it's really cold again. Waiting for spring!

  19. Hi Pam: I bet the visit to the nursery was just coming at the right time for you. What a sweet thought that your grands sent the stones home to you. Happy Birthday to hubby. He is just a spring chicken! Try to stay warm and keep thinking spring. It will come..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  20. I think we've both had enough snow already...I am so ready for spring. It's colourful plants from the nursery or even grocery store that give me a lift at this time of year. Sobey's has small spring pots on sale and I'll be bringing some home.
    Keep warm Pam.

  21. Love your bits of color and cheer . . .
    Bitter cold here, with snow . . .
    Not like the east though . . .
    Oh my, I hope you don't get It!
    Rub the stones and remember the smiles, how sweet of the grands . . .

  22. Happy Birthday to Murray!

    I am getting to appreciate succulents more and more for their long life appeal, and your Mimicry plant is adorable. Pam, I love the way your orange tulips beautifully complement the surrounding space. Having fresh, colourful flowers certainly combats the winter doldrums, doesn't it? So much snow!

    Have a wonderful day,

  23. How lovely to visit a warm tropical feeling nursery! I love the two plants you got there - love aloe vera so much, and those succulents are amazing. We are starting to see bare ground here, and lots of mud, and fields turning into rivers, so yes, I think spring is coming :) I've never seen a three-headed tulip before! The orange ones are very pretty. And so sweet of the grands to think of you with special stones! Hugs to you today :)

  24. First off...let me wish your senior citizen hubby a very happy birthday. Tell him I am blazing the way for him...and it's not too bad so far. Smiling here about your trip to the nursery to get a taste of spring. I did the same thing this week...spent about an hour there. Things are looking lovely at your place!

  25. you have such a warm and inviting home. the orange tulips are gorgeous.

  26. I love the velvet beauty of tulips and all your plants look so healthy, well done. Happy Birthday to Murray!

  27. I love the color of the tulips! And your home looks so pretty. Hope you are over that snowstorm and that soon you'll be seeing signs of spring!


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